Verkhovna Rada

3 nov, 14:54

Verkhovna Rada adopted state budget for 2023: details

25 oct, 19:57

Crimea Platform Parliamentary Summit participants adopted joint declaration

18 oct, 16:47

Ukrainian parliament ratifies Convention on Extradition

7 oct, 14:40

Tribunal for russia: Verkhovna Rada appealed to UN, EU and Council of Europe

6 oct, 18:05

Ukraine urges to support rights of russia's indigenous peoples amid military draft

2 sep, 14:55

Key issues of Ukraine's 2023 budget: what to expect, how funds will be used, what reductions to await

30 aug, 17:22

Verkhovna Rada appealed to world community about russia's intention to hold trial of prisoners of war

30 aug, 15:08

Verkhovna Rada adopted law "On Media", essential for joining EU

19 aug, 13:29

Ukrainian parliament recognizes russia as terrorist state and calls on the world to do the same

15 aug, 16:26

Ukrainan parliament adopted law on "visa-free customs" with European Union

15 aug, 16:05

Ukrainian parliament officially urges to condemn russia's nuclear terrorism at the Zaporizhzhia NPP

14 aug, 17:46

Rada’s National Security Committee backs motion to extend martial law, general draft

28 jul, 16:56

Verkhovna Rada passed law on special status of Poles in Ukraine

22 jul, 18:00

Ukraine’s parliament will introduce laws on EU’s accession till late 2022

19 jul, 14:59

Verkhovna Rada to create commission to monitor international assistance

18 jul, 16:12

Rada exempts from mobilization those who lost their loved ones due to war

18 jul, 15:20

Ukrainian parliament dismisses Lazebna as social policy minister

11 jul, 16:21

Zelensky submitted a draft law on the special status of Poles in Ukraine, Polish president announced

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