Verkhovna Rada

7 feb, 14:58

Ukrainian parliament approves bill overturning ban on using frozen biomaterial of fallen soldiers

22 jan, 10:38

Zelensky proposes multiple citizenship bill

10 jan, 21:59

Ukrainian parliament passes draft law on switching to NATO-based medical support for army

10 jan, 13:58

Ukrainian parliament passes ethical lobbying law in line with EU recommendations

6 jan, 14:41

Ukraine's parliament plans to establish committee to focus on NATO issues

21 dec, 13:19

Ukraine legalizes medical cannabis

9 dec, 13:22

Ukrainian parliament urges EU to initiate accession talks

8 dec, 14:30

Ukrainian parliament adopts national minorities bill, paving the way for European integration

30 nov, 19:39

No elections during the war: all political forces of Ukraine's parliament agree

30 nov, 16:20

Ukraine to introduce electronic bracelets to address accountability of offenders in domestic violence cases

26 nov, 10:10

Finland's Speaker of the Parliament delivers speech in Ukraine's parliament in Ukrainian

22 nov, 15:23

Ukrainian soldiers can store their reproductive cells in cryobanks for free

22 nov, 13:52

Ukrainian parliament support introducing 50-year-long sanctions against Russian and Belarusian defense industries

21 nov, 14:58

Ukrainian parliament supports increasing National Anti-Corruption Bureau's staff by 300 people

6 oct, 14:30

Ukrainian parliament allocates additional $8 billion to defense

6 sep, 13:17

Human rights activists propose bills to help people in de-occupied territories rejoin Ukrainian society

30 aug, 15:17

Ukrainian MPs introduce bill equating punishment for corruption with treason

19 aug, 23:03

The draft law on the decriminalization of porn was registered in the Verkhovna Rada

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