Verkhovna Rada

5 mar, 09:22

Stefanchuk explains President's comprehensive approach to judicial reform: rethinking legal education and judiciary

3 mar, 20:36

Zelenskyi returns the law on whistleblowers to parliament

3 mar, 13:25

People's Deputies take a step towards restarting judicial reform: how the HQCJ will be formed

What's Happening
3 mar, 11:05

Three Shevchenkos, Virastiuk, Zvirobii, and Akhmetov's man. How oligarchs and the government are fighting for two seats in the Verkhovna Rada

22 feb, 09:12

Guns for everyone? Myths and truth about why Ukrainians need a weapons law

19 feb, 13:40

Ukraine sets preferential import duty rates for some threads and fabrics

17 feb, 17:04

If such a law existed in Ukraine. And how similar norms are already working in other countries.

17 feb, 11:59

Rada recognizes Revolution of Dignity as one of the key moments in Ukraine's state-building: a statement

16 feb, 12:37

Rada calls on the world to increase sanctions pressure on Russia over Crimea occupation

12 feb, 10:01

People's Deputy served due to button-pressing for the 1st time in Ukraine

11 feb, 09:43

Servant of the People explains how Ukraine will tax Facebook and Netflix

5 feb, 15:34

People's Deputy Pushkarenko demands to restore Sikorskyi's estate

3 feb, 10:23

OPZZH initiates impeachment procedure against Zelenskyi

2 feb, 10:31

Prison for a belt, pulling license for a light. How Avakov wants to strengthen power at drivers' expense

28 jan, 12:23

Rada passes a draft law to speed up registration of COVID vaccines

26 jan, 15:20

Verkhovna Rada supports Zelenskyi's draft law on referendum: what it means

26 jan, 09:47

"Servants of the People" think of how to respond to US sanctions against Dubinskyi

22 jan, 16:21

Rada considers several draft laws next week

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