10:26 23 May 2024

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukrainian youth to receive book certificates in 2024

Photo: Suspilne Vinnytsia

Ukrainians over 18 will qualify for government assistance to purchase books in the state language.

The press service of the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine reports this.

What is the problem?

Nowadays, reading books is no longer the primary way to relax and acquire knowledge. It is becoming overshadowed by more modern and dynamic sources of information, especially the Internet.

On the contrary, scientists have a different perspective. They recommend that the younger generation put down their smartphones and instead read books in their native language to develop critical thinking skills.

What is the solution?

"On May 22, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Ukraine's parliament – ed.] as a whole adopted draft law No. 11251 "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Clarifying the Activities of the Ukrainian Institute of Books to Support Distributors of Publishing Products and Providing State Aid for the Purchase of Books," the message reads.

299 deputies supported the bill.

"Finally, it was possible to unblock the issuance of certificates for purchasing books and subsidies for renting premises for bookstores. All these things have already been budgeted for; there will be no additional costs from the state treasury," said Yevhenia Kravchuk, one of the initiators of the draft law.

The deputies – Mykyta Poturaiev, Yevheniia Kravchuk, Volodymyr Viatrovych, Mykola Kniazhytskyi, Iryna Kotankevich, Oleksandr Abdulin, Sofia Fedina and Yuriy Pavlenko – initiated the draft law.

Kravchuk explained what will change after the law enters into force:

"Starting in 2024, 18-year-old Ukrainians will be given book certificates worth UAH 908, and once martial law has ended, one parent will receive this benefit upon the birth of a child. This right can be exercised within a year and will become even more convenient using Diia."

How does it work?

As noted by the ministry, the draft law provides for state aid for the purchase of books for Ukrainian citizens who have reached the age of 18. Implementation of this should begin as early as July 1, 2024.

It also clarifies the list of documents needed to provide bookstores with state subsidies that will compensate them for the rent on the premises.

Young people can use state aid to purchase book publications in the state language in paper and/or electronic form, including audio files and publications for people with visual impairments.

In order to do this, Ukrainian citizens who will reach the age of 18 in 2024 should utilize the Unified State Web Portal for electronic services, also known as "Portal Diia", or the mobile application Diia.

"Providing state assistance through book certificates for Ukrainians will aid in the development of the local book market. This initiative will also encourage reading and boost the popularity of Ukrainian books, especially among the younger generation," noted the acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Rostyslav Karandeev.

Therefore, the process for implementing the program of offering state assistance to Ukrainian citizens for buying books has been developed in collaboration between the teams from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the Ukrainian Institute of Books. Once the law becomes effective, the Ministry of Culture will distribute this process to other main state agencies for their endorsement.

For reference:

It should be noted that a map of bookstores was made in Ukraine with the aim of promoting the growth and establishment of new bookstores.

In Kyiv, step-by-step instructions were provided on how to make rehabilitation facilities fully accessible in Ukraine.

It was also reported that 90 books will be translated in Ukraine this year under the Translate Ukraine program.

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