Social networks

6 sep, 08:55

Ireland fined Instagram €405 million for violating children's privacy

9 aug, 14:57

Kremlin propaganda found new ways to bypass EU ban

18 jun, 12:24

Military medics urge media keep secret locations of field hospitals

19 may, 14:38

Kharkiv's Stepan the Cat receives the highest blogger award of World Influencers and Bloggers Awards

4 may, 11:17

Ukraine's Security Service is launching 2 new chatbots to search for looters and traitors

30 apr, 12:20

Ukraine's defense ministry: losses among our defenders are the price of one post on social media

20 apr, 16:26

Weapons for Ukraine: Flashmob #ArmUkraineNow is gaining popularity on social media

10 mar, 18:25

Social media and war: how to protect yourself from fake news

6 mar, 21:09

TikTok suspends its work in Russia

13 apr, 20:30

Top 10 Ukrainian YouTube channels to subscribe to

18 mar, 17:23

Instagram scandal: child pornography or "engaging content." How to keep kids safe on social media

What's Happening
19 feb, 11:36

New Blue Whale on TikTok? How to protect a child from suicide

18 feb, 16:17

Radio for millennials. Complete instructions for Clubhouse from inside

1 feb, 15:56

Through "Legytimnyi" and "Rezident" Telegram-channels: SBU exposes intelligence network of Russian special services in Ukraine

What's Happening
25 jan, 09:10

How Geek Journal won the battle with 1+1 Media. What Ukrainian YouTubers need to know

What's Happening
13 jan, 14:50

Trump blocked on Twitter. Censorship or internal rules?

15 oct, 13:25

Hollywood technologies in a smartphone: how Ukrainians created a viral application, overtaking TikTok and Netflix

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