Social networks

19 jan, 19:27

Russian special services receive at least 60% of intelligence through social media – AFU

28 nov, 14:59

UN Population Fund and Ukraine unveil online chat for psychological support for men

21 nov, 10:56

Rubryka launches English-language Instagram: Who is this solution for?

19 nov, 16:41

Russia launches "School of Bloggers" in occupied Ukrainian territories to further propaganda efforts

19 nov, 12:10

Ukraine has launched anonymous psychological support chat for men

31 oct, 14:58

Research shows increase in number of social media posts in Ukrainian

16 oct, 17:53

“We don't know who is on the other side of the screen”: how to identify Russian bots on social media

6 sep, 15:18

Solutions to win: Ukrainian student launches bot to intercept Russia's combat aircraft frequencies

23 aug, 10:04

"The path will teach everything:" Ukrainian travelers raise money for the army by hiking

9 aug, 12:15

Ukrainian NGO starts social media campaign dedicated to indigenous peoples of Crimea

12 apr, 09:19

Eurovision 2023: #HelpUkraineSong flash mob in support of Ukraine launched in Liverpool

8 apr, 09:49

US documents release reveals russian fear of Ukrainian counteroffensive – ISW

16 mar, 15:36

Ukrainian AI developers open portal to the past with educational chatbot featuring historical figures

8 mar, 13:54

USAID launches social media campaign on Ukrainian women's contribution to defense and recovery

26 dec, 19:49

Internet is outraged by victory of russian artist in illustration contest with work about Ukrainian refugees

6 sep, 08:55

Ireland fined Instagram €405 million for violating children's privacy

9 aug, 14:57

Kremlin propaganda found new ways to bypass EU ban

18 jun, 12:24

Military medics urge media keep secret locations of field hospitals

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