Mykolaiv region

13 jun, 10:36

How public laundries contribute to frontline community rebuilding

10 jun, 09:01

German Government provides a year's supply of consumables for 80 purified water points in Mykolaiv

7 jun, 11:53

Rebuilding Ukraine: Lithuania pledges €12 mln for Ukrainian school restoration and wounded rehabilitation

28 may, 08:41

Russian rocket attack kills three, injures six in Mykolaiv region

22 may, 10:44

School amid war: returning offline education to Ukraine’s frontline communities

3 may, 15:15

"Treasures of the Northern Black Sea Region": Platfor.ma agency explores folk culture of Mykolaiv and Odesa regions, showcasing historic crafts and artifacts

Photos, video
4 apr, 13:36

UNICEF donates 1,500 laptops to support education in Mykolaiv region

28 mar, 16:10

Solutions from Ukraine: Hostomel school and Mykolaiv dispensary use hybrid solar systems due to Russian attacks on infrastructure

23 mar, 19:29

Solutions from Ukraine: Mykolaiv region engineers unveil remote-controlled tractor for mine removal

13 mar, 11:47

Demining machines successfully clear 47.3 hectares of agricultural land in Mykolaiv region

3 mar, 15:24

Rebuilding Ukraine: Mykolaiv region restores ophthalmology hospital damaged by Russian forces

2 mar, 16:30

Solutions from Ukraine: Mykolaiv region unveils first mobile pharmacy

16 jan, 10:21

Russian forces strike Mykolaiv region: woman and two children rescued from the rubble of their house

22 dec, 09:44

Russian drone attack damages granary and infrastructure facility in Ukraine's south

Video, photo
27 nov, 09:56

Ukraine in winter's hold: Traffic blocked on 14 highways, power cut off in 16 regions due to snowfall

14 nov, 12:10

AFU general: "Kinburn Spit will soon be ours if everything goes as expected"

3 nov, 20:33

United to win: Canada donates robotic demining complex to Mykolaiv pyrotechnicians

2 nov, 09:18

Russian forces shell southern cities of Ochakiv and Kherson

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