Ministry of Internal Affairs

14 jun, 15:05

Ukrainian driving license can be exchanged to the EU one

1 jun, 15:35

Poll results: almost 59% of Ukrainians voted in favor of allowing weapons for personal defense

20 may, 14:48

13 victims of russian sexual crimes identified in Kyiv region

6 mar, 08:27

Denysenko: Invaders failed to break through from Balaklia to Dnipropetrovsk region

2 mar, 20:22

From March 1, Ukrainian citizens’ passports to travel abroad will be extended for 5 years

27 feb, 12:45

"Letter V": Armed Forces of Ukraine are looking for a "particularly dangerous" military convoy from the Russian Federation

13 dec, 11:06

Gogilashvili dismissed as Ukraine's deputy interior minister

29 sep, 22:20

Business protection office to be established at Interior Ministry - Monastyrsky

16 jul, 19:30

Who is Monastyrskyi? Connections, past, and property of Avakov 's "heir" at Ministry of Internal Affairs

16 jul, 12:23

Verkhovna Rada elects Monastyrskyi as new Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

What's Happening
15 jul, 16:17

Avakov's resignation: will the ex-Interior Minister become another enemy of Zelenskyi?

15 jul, 10:18

Rada supports Avakov's resignation

13 jul, 20:19

Monastyrsky agrees to head Ukrainian Interior Ministry

13 jul, 18:04

It's official: Avakov wrote a letter of resignation

22 mar, 12:18

Rally to support Sternenko: Cabinet expects a legal assessment of protesters' actions from Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU

2 feb, 10:31

Prison for a belt, pulling license for a light. How Avakov wants to strengthen power at drivers' expense

27 nov, 09:44

Top officials secretly meet with entrepreneurs, despite Zelenskyi's promise - Schemes

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