International Criminal Court

4 jan, 20:23

The Hague city authorities supported initiative to hold special tribunal against putin

27 dec, 16:50

russia's ecocide: Ukrainian ecologists collect evidence for International Criminal Court

15 aug, 15:18

The Hague court to announce flight MH17 verdict on November 17

16 jun, 17:15

russia's intel officcer was about to get an internship at the International Criminal Court to spy

Special Project
20 apr, 15:30

"This is genocide. Destruction of Ukrainians as political nation." What international law says about Ukraine and how russia will be punished

18 apr, 14:34

Bodies of nearly 300 people killed in Irpin handed over to the Hague tribunal for examination

15 apr, 15:30

Italy appeals to International Criminal Court about russia's atrocities in Ukraine

14 apr, 20:27

Chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court will try to establish contact with кussia

13 apr, 20:20

Prosecutor of International Criminal Court visited Bucha

11 apr, 12:32

French experts arrived in Ukraine to help investigate russia's crimes

3 apr, 16:36

Ukraine's FM Kuleba called on ICC mission gather evidence in Bucha, claiming russia is worse than ISIS

30 mar, 19:32

Reparations, the Hague and economic intelligence: when and how will russia pay for the damage?

16 mar, 17:24

The court in the Hague announces the decision in the case "Ukraine v. Russia" on genocide

7 mar, 17:01

Ukraine v. Russia: The Hague tribunal may rule on genocide this week

7 mar, 08:52

Russia's war crimes hearings will begin today at The Hague tribunal

5 mar, 18:19

Nuremberg prosecutor confirms Putin could be convicted of crimes against humanity

3 mar, 13:27

The Hague tribunal begins investigation of Russian war crimes in Ukraine: data on crimes passed by 39 countries

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