21:52 17 Jan 2023

Ukraine called for implementation of special tribunal project for russia's top leadership

Ukraine offers the partner states to implement the project of the Special International Tribunal, which will make it possible to prosecute russia's political and military leadership.

This was announced by the Deputy Head of the Office of President Andriy Smyrnov during the round table The Black Book of russian War Crimes: Facts of Genocide within the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

"The special international tribunal will make it possible to try the higher political and military leadership of russia by preparing appropriate indictments and arrest warrants for the senior leadership of russia, other members of the Security Council of russia, that is, those persons who gave and are giving criminal orders to wage an aggressive war against Ukraine," he said.

To protect the civilian population and norms that form the basis of global security, Smyrnov called on partner countries to create a special international tribunal to investigate the crime of russia's aggression against Ukraine.

"This is a separate international judicial body, which should judge the political and military leadership of russia for committing the crime of aggression against Ukraine," he emphasized.

According to the deputy head of the OP, russia has repeatedly proven it is an aggressor country. In particular, there are recorded, photographed, and filmed facts testifying to the torture of civilians and the targeting of critical infrastructure objects and cities.

"I really don't even want to tell you all this horror that we see when we exhume the bodies of victims, tortured and then killed civilians, women, and children. And we see such terrible finds every time we liberate a new settlement. For the aggressor, neither international conventions nor even the customs of war matter," he emphasized.

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