14:25 20 May 2024

Solutions from Ukraine: "Rezerv+" app to introduce electronic military IDs by summer

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine spokesman, Dmytro Lazutkin, said that the full-fledged version of "Reserve+" will appear in the summer. The application will then include an electronic military ID.

The spokesperson stated this on the telethon's broadcast.

"The complete version of the "Reserve+" application will be released in June. Users can access an electronic version of military accounting documents and barcodes. The development process is still in progress, and any issues or inaccuracies are currently being addressed," he declared.

According to Lazutkin, the electronic military ID can be shown to law enforcement officers in case of demand.

"Starting on May 18, all conscripts must have their military registration documents and update their data within 60 days. During this time, an e-document will be available on "Reserve+," which can be presented to the police, territorial recruitment centers, or border service if necessary," he added.

They also plan to add a QR code to the application, replacing the need to carry a military ID.

According to the spokesman, the application has been downloaded at least 620,000 times as of today. Many people are also currently queuing because the system was overloaded on the first day.

"All technical issues have been resolved. Additionally, you can now check your data while abroad in almost all countries worldwide through 'Reserve+,'" Lazutkin added.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense has released a new mobile application called "Rezerv+" for individuals required to serve in the military, including conscripts and reservists. This app allows users to update their personal information easily.

The platform has been up and running since May 18, when the revised mobilization law took effect. Under this new law, all men between 18 and 60 have 60 days (until July 16) to update their information.

The Cabinet of Ministers [Ukraine's government – ed.] also approved a new form of military registration document. At the same time, documents issued before May 16 will be considered valid throughout Ukraine until a new document is issued.

For reference:

A new law on mobilization in Ukraine entered into force on May 18, 2024. In particular, it refers to the requirement for conscripts to update their registration data.

As noted in the document, the new law on mobilization sets a deadline for clarifying data for all men aged 18 to 60.

This must be done within 60 days; otherwise, a fine may be issued for violating the rules of military registration. Therefore, the data must be updated by July 16.

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