25 jul, 15:32

Russian court begins criminal trial of captured soldiers from Ukraine's Aidar Batallion

24 jul, 13:37

Lviv university opens center assisting veterans in reintegration to civilian life

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21 jul, 21:18

Russian forces attempt to breach Ukraine's defenses in northern regions – commander of Joint Forces

20 jul, 13:44

New educational initiative in Ukraine increases soldiers' awareness of international humanitarian law

17 jul, 16:17

Ukraine begins testing bulletproof vests for servicewomen

14 jul, 21:24

"This is our problem, and it is up to us to decide how to kill this enemy" – AFU's Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny

14 jul, 20:46

Russia withdraws majority of its military from Belarus – Ukraine's State Border Service

13 jul, 18:18

Russia detains 13 officers, including General Surovikin, in connection with Prigozhin's riot – WSJ

12 jul, 15:57

Four soldiers injured by landmines in Ukraine’s Rivne region, two killed

12 jul, 13:03

Service revolution in communities: where and how will veterans' assistants work?

11 jul, 15:03

Ukrainian combat control system Delta passes NATO testing, ready for integration

10 jul, 21:30

South Korea sends Ukraine non-lethal military equipment

9 jul, 14:26

Kyiv authorities run combat training drill for civilians

9 jul, 11:59

Russian forces return to positions left after Kakhovka dam explosion — Ukraine's Southern Forces Group

9 jul, 09:18

"We will have our say": released Azovstal commanders vow to return to battle

6 jul, 15:18

Solutions to win: Ukraine streamlines donated blood supply to front

3 jul, 12:54

"My motivation to be here is to return home," how and for what Ukrainian volunteers are fighting

1 jul, 15:55

US real estate company plans to build 600 modular homes in Ukraine

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