Special Project
18 oct, 19:15

Fakes, art and rocket launch: how artists resist manipulation and propaganda

13 oct, 19:10

Quarantine sales. How does the rule of 7 work on remote?

6 oct, 15:00

Why do businesses need to work with media? A few words about advertising budget

23 sep, 11:00

English Rubryka turns 1!

16 sep, 19:15

Blog of Rubryka Solutions Media's commercial director: issue # 1

14 sep, 19:41

Media field needs comprehensive regulatory solutions

13 apr, 20:30

Top 10 Ukrainian YouTube channels to subscribe to

12 apr, 13:45

"Quack-on-the-spot" and "She's Got It": Rubryka launches Telegram stickers

5 apr, 14:25

All-Ukrainian media outlet "Rubryka" launches English-language social networks

What's Happening
11 feb, 10:29

Big redistribution in TV market. Who'll benefit from Medvedchuk's channels collapsing

She's Got It
3 feb, 16:45

From ads to "Bachelorette": what’s a woman like on Ukrainian TV?

3 feb, 16:15

"It's not about freedom of speech": Servant of People Party explains sanctions against TV channels

2 feb, 22:41

Zelenskyi imposes sanctions on Medvedchuk's colleague Kozak and his TV channels for 5 years

31 dec, 21:54

Rubryka congratulates readers on New Year 2021!

3 dec, 10:35

Clothing protecting against information junk

23 sep, 17:30

Rubryka launched the English version of the website

About Us
6 jun, 14:55

Where to look for a solution? What solutions journalism means, and why it's about Rubryka

21 feb, 10:35

Myroslava Gongadze: "It is important that people talk about Ukraine from Kyiv, and not only from Washington or Moscow"

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