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Anxiety over news and more: how to stay calm?

Trying to give up social media, inventing small rituals, walking, and breathing. Yes, it helps.

What is the problem?

Recently, we've been hearing more and more disturbing news about Russia's growing aggression. The situation is escalating in the media, even more so in our environment.

Reading the news, we find ourselves in the information field, where we constantly talk about the unpredictability of further life, destabilization of the current situation, and the disappointing consequences of events. It is clear that such news doesn't cause a good mood, but moreover, there are feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and even panic.

Psychologist Daria Nepochatova confirms that anxiety from the news is a very common phenomenon:

"Each of us has our own level of anxiety, and this is due to our personality organization. But external factors, such as the threat of war or a pandemic (remember how much our anxiety level increased during the first lockdown), of course, increase this level. And for those whose anxiety was initially high (due to their personal history), after reading such news, it will simply go beyond the scale. Life and death events always leave their mark on us. We can see information about the plane crash in the news and this night we may have a nightmare, our appetite may decrease for a while, panic attacks may even return," the psychologist explains.

It seems that worrying because of the news is a really serious problem. Let's try to figure out how to deal with it.

Тривожність через новини й не тільки: як зберігати спокій?

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