20 nov, 16:31

Ukraine launches special office for integration of F-16 fighters

13 nov, 15:58

F16 pilot training center in Romania opens doors with inaugural demonstration flights

13 nov, 10:53

Ukrainian pilots start training on F-16 fighter jets in Romania

7 nov, 14:57

United to win: Ukrainian pilots in Romania training on F-16s loaned by Netherlands

2 nov, 09:59

Russia may expand its air force to eight divisions by 2024 – Zaluzhnyi

30 oct, 14:41

First F-16 fighter jets will likely be delivered to Ukraine next spring – air force

25 oct, 21:01

Ukrainian pilots start F-16s training at US air base in Arizona

22 oct, 14:43

Ukrainian pilots progress from F-16 simulators to training on combat jets – Air Force

21 oct, 10:21

Putin's statement about patrolling all Black Sea with hypersonic jets is aimed to show off Russia's military power – UK intelligence

20 oct, 09:38

United to win: Croatia lends Mi-8 helicopters to aid Ukraine

12 oct, 17:58

Netherlands will send F-16 fighters to Romania to train Ukrainians "within weeks"

11 oct, 10:12

United to win: Belgium to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

27 sep, 11:41

Ukrainian pilots use VR simulators for faster adaptation and training on F-16 fighter jets

25 sep, 12:29

Drone attack eliminates leadership of Russian air regiment in Kursk

21 sep, 10:56

Ukrainian long-range strike on Crimea military airfield destroys Russian equipment

20 sep, 12:09

Partisans blow up two Russian warplanes and helicopter in Moscow region – Ukraine's intelligence

17 sep, 15:22

Ukrainian pilot training on F-16 jets "gains momentum" – air force spokesperson

14 sep, 14:50

Ukrainian pilots finish test flights on Gripen fighter jets in Sweden

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