09:47 07 Jan 2024

Ukraine's Air Force spokesperson gives details on current F-16 training programs

Photo: RAF

Currently, Ukrainian pilots are trained in three countries: these three groups of pilots learn to fly F-16 fighters, and each of them has an individual training program.

Yurii Ignat, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force, told about this on the telethon air.

During the conversation, the colonel suggested dividing all pilot training into three groups.

"The group of pilots in Britain are graduates of 2023. There, the preparation for transferring to the F-16 will continue for up to two years. Young pilots will be trained there for two years," explained Ignat.

The second group consists of pilots studying in the USA. The spokesperson specified that, as the American side assured Ukraine, the training will last until the end of 2024.

"Perhaps someone will be trained faster; there is an individual training program," the colonel added.

Ignat also noted that the third group is currently studying in Denmark.

"Denmark is the advanced group that we sent. Training is already taking place there, and pilots are already flying with instructors," Ignat emphasized.

The spokesperson emphasized that the groups are different and have different study periods in different countries.

"These are the different sites we have. Plus, the ground personnel are still studying in other countries besides the three I mentioned. As for Denmark, the pilots and fighters will come from there as soon as possible. When will it be? We expect it to be in the spring," Ignat said.

What is known about the provision of F-16 aircraft to Ukraine

It will be recalled that earlier, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Rutte, in a conversation with Zelensky, announced the preparation for the transfer of the first F-16s to Ukraine.

Earlier, Ignat stated that the F-16s that Ukraine receives will need to be modernized.

Norway has announced that it will send two F-16 fighter jets to Denmark to train Ukrainian pilots in their use and confirmed that it will send ten instructors to Denmark to help with the training.

Belgium will also send two two-seater F-16 fighter jets and about 50 personnel to Denmark between March and September to train Ukrainian pilots.

In addition, the first six Ukrainian pilots have already undergone basic training in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain and are currently learning to fly F-16 fighters in Denmark.

It is worth adding that Ukraine's Air Force does not yet see the point in delivering F-16 fighters to Ukraine since the planes will be under the enemy's sights.


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