16:42 22 Dec 2023

"There was a long hunt": Ukrainian top defense official on downing three Russian jet fighters on southern front

Ukrainian top defense official Oleksii Danilov states that the Ukrainian military had been "hunting" for Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers, downed earlier in the south, for a long time.

Danilov exposed details of the operation during his interview with the Ukrainian Radio.

"We immediately received the report on the downing of the Russian planes by air defense forces, we understand what it is about. Now we can reveal a little secret that the hunt for them lasted for a long period of time," Danilov said.

The National Security Council official said these fighters were interfering with and endangering Ukrainian soldiers in the southern direction.

"I congratulate everyone who participated. The result is perfect," the official said.

The Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat also added more information on the downing.

"The operation to destroy the enemy on the outskirts of our country was once again brilliantly planned. This time, three aircraft in the southern direction at once, which has not happened for a long time. The Su-34 has not been included in our positive statistics for a long time."

On December 22, Ukrainian forces downed three latest Su-34 jet fighters, reportedly near Krynky, the town on the left bank of the Kherson region, which has been a new epicenter of fighting on the southern front. Some Ukrainian sources claim the jets were destroyed with Western-supplied Patriot missile launchers, while Russian milbloggers claim the air defense recognized the fighters as Ukrainian.


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