17:59 30 Dec 2023

NATO forces conducted over 300 interceptions of Russian military planes in 2023

Photo: NATO press service

In 2023, NATO air forces in Europe intercepted over 300 Russian military aircraft.

The press service of the North Atlantic Alliance reported this.

According to the Alliance, most interceptions took place over the Baltic Sea.

"On NATO's eastern flank, Russian military aircraft have long since not transmitted a transponder code that would indicate their location and altitude, have not submitted a flight plan, and have not communicated with air traffic controllers," the report says.

At the same time, the Alliance noted that violations of NATO airspace by Russian military aircraft remained rare and, as a rule, short-lived, and the vast majority of interceptions were safe and professional.

"Russia's war against Ukraine has created the most dangerous security situation in Europe in decades. NATO fighter jets are on 24-hour standby, ready to take to the air in the event of suspicious or unannounced flights near our allies' airspace," added Dylan White.

After the Russian invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, NATO significantly strengthened its air defense on the eastern flank, which includes increasing the number of fighter jets, surveillance aircraft, and ground-based air defense equipment.

After repeated Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure located very close to NATO territory, the members of the Alliance have transferred additional fighter jets to Romania.

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In October, after the breakthrough of an underwater pipeline in the Baltic Sea, NATO sent additional forces and assets to the region. This year, NATO also held its largest-ever air exercise, Air Defender-23, involving more than 250 aircraft training for the Alliance's collective defense.



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