17 sep, 15:56

United to win: Canada to provide Ukraine with $24 mln for air defense systems

14 sep, 10:44

Canadian forces use special sound effects to train Ukrainian combat medics act in stressful situations

10 sep, 12:53

"Putin will not redraw the map as he pleases": Canadian PM on elections in occupied Ukraine's regions

5 sep, 19:20

United to win: Canadian soldiers share camouflage skills with Ukrainian military as part of UNIFIER mission

31 aug, 15:55

Canadian Fellows of Ukraine — 50 stories of Canadians helping Ukraine during the war

3 aug, 13:26

United to win: Canada sends Ukraine portable systems for stabilizing seriously wounded

25 jul, 12:55

United to win: Canada donates sapper suits to Ukrainian deminers

20 jul, 19:29

Canada imposes sanctions against Russia's so-called "ministries" in occupied Ukraine

13 jul, 11:50

Canada strengthens Ukraine's security with additional $410 mln aid package

25 jun, 21:29

Zelensky and Trudeau discuss battlefield situation and Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant threat in phone call

17 jun, 16:58

Canada to send thousands of rifles to Ukraine – Ministry of Defense

10 jun, 17:51

Canada officially joins "coalition of fighter jets"

10 jun, 17:10

Canada will send over $36 mln to help flooded regions of Ukraine

10 jun, 13:25

Canadian PM Trudeau makes surprise trip to Kyiv

3 jun, 10:24

Canada and Poland to join efforts to support Ukraine in resisting Russian aggression

26 may, 10:40

Solutions to win: Canada donates AIM-9 air defense missiles to Ukraine

21 may, 09:18

Zelensky and Trudeau meet on sidelines of summit in Hiroshima

11 may, 19:47

Canada, Latvia embark training course for Ukrainian junior officers

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