13 apr, 13:48

Ukraine, USAID sign agreement to promote foreign investments

22 mar, 16:24

Advantage Ukraine initiative puts forward investment projects for US development funding

23 feb, 13:30

UkraineInvest attracts two investment projects worth $370 million

12 dec, 16:24

Nestlé invests 40 million dollars to open new factory in Volyn region

Special Project
12 oct, 10:05

Launching new plant during war or business that started with explosions

2 oct, 20:06

Ukraine presented international investors with 11 ready-to-implement investment projects worth more than $2 billion

29 sep, 11:19

BGV Group Management Launches New Stone Crushing Plant In Zhytomyr Region

23 sep, 14:23

Zelensky: Investments in Ukraine will contribute to strengthening world security

6 sep, 19:12

Zelensky calls for investing in Ukraine at New York Stock Exchange

2 dec, 17:21

Audubon Bioscience with Ukrainian founders raised about $350,000 for biotechnology development

21 nov, 23:50

How much was raised for education at the auction: Kyiv School of Economics held a big charity event

15 nov, 17:26

Newsweek calls Ukraine "choice investment destination"

8 nov, 15:10

3 bicycle stops set up on Vovchynets Hill in Ivano-Frankivsk

13 oct, 09:53

The first industrial park built in Lviv: a thousand new jobs are planned

11 oct, 14:09

The EU plans to launch an investment package worth 6.5 billion euros for Ukraine

2 oct, 17:05

Ukraine opens pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Special Project
30 sep, 16:00

What do you need to buy a new apartment from the developer?

Business News
24 sep, 15:35

BGV Group Management joins U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

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