7 nov, 18:56

Ukraine's path to global competitiveness: creating its equivalent of "Real Madrid" in subsoil exploitation

5 nov, 14:20

Ukrainian energy companies are joining the Ukraine Energy Initiative to accelerate the recovery of the energy sector

26 oct, 17:06

Ukraine’s book business during war: Ukrainians want to read their own, but Russia may enter the market again

24 oct, 13:05

Buying homes in wartime: who's doing it and is it justified?

11 oct, 13:32

Big businesses that prioritize philanthropy: five cases during the war

3 oct, 16:10

American entrepreneur launches Green Flag Ventures fund for Ukrainian startups

30 sep, 12:43

United to win: Turkish defense company Baykar to invest $100 million to build drone factory in Ukraine

21 sep, 12:40

Ukraine receives $1.25 billion grant from US

19 sep, 18:04

“Ukraine's victory will make Europe's dependence on the Russian Federation and China impossible” or How Ukrainian subsoil can transform into an investment magnet

7 sep, 17:04

Arms investors: which foreign defense companies came to Ukraine over the summer, and what this means for Ukraine

6 sep, 11:47

New survey reveals what challenges and obstacles Ukrainian women entrepreneurs face during war

9 aug, 10:00

Three new major projects in two years: a village community in Zakarpattia becomes a logistics hub

28 jul, 09:09

"Kovalska" invests €27 million in a new plant in the Lviv region

20 jul, 16:34

Oleksii Tymofieiev Joined The Directors Board Of The BGV Investment Group

30 jun, 19:22

Supporting Ukrainian business abroad is crucial for victory

23 jun, 16:05

Türkiye greenlights Baykartar drone production in Ukraine

21 jun, 12:24

UK will send $3 bln to Ukraine to support country's recovery

18 jun, 18:00

Irish company Kingspan Group to invest over $280 mln for building materials factory in Ukraine

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