14 mar, 22:52

In Kharkiv, occupiers beat fired from Iskanders from the territory of the Russian Federation

12 mar, 21:31

Stinger in action: a Russian plane destroyed in Kharkiv region, it crashed in Russia

10 mar, 15:44

Kherson: occupiers trashed NAAS institute

10 mar, 08:18

Kharkiv continues to be mercilessly bombed: there are casualties

9 mar, 16:43

In Kharkiv, during shelling, invaders struck police building: there are dead and wounded

9 mar, 10:02

Ukrainian troops continue to control Kharkiv - Head of Regional State Administration

8 mar, 10:12

More than 600,000 people evacuated from Kharkiv by railway - Head of Regional State Administration

8 mar, 08:49

Because of strikes by Russians, dozens of fires broke out in Kharkiv, killing at least four people

7 mar, 13:39

In Kharkiv, National Guard detained a Russian pilot who was bombing the city

6 mar, 11:03

The situation in Kharkiv remains difficult, the occupiers continue shelling and aerial bombardment of the city

5 mar, 14:44

Enemy aircraft continue to bomb Kharkiv's civilian infrastructure

3 mar, 18:52

Kharkiv under fire again: houses and airfield destroyed

3 mar, 09:39

Armed Forces of Ukraine defeat Russia's "elite" first tank army near Kharkiv: senior officers captured

2 mar, 22:59

Missile strike in Kharkiv was aimed at territorial defense headquarters

2 mar, 13:49

In Kharkiv, occupiers fired a cruise missile into city council building

2 mar, 12:57

Kharkiv center bombarded with Russian missiles which Ukraine doesn't have - National Security and Defense Council

1 mar, 20:11

Russian enemy ruthlessly destroying civilian population of Kharkiv region

1 mar, 18:22

In Kharkiv, occupiers launched an airstrike on a plant

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