31 may, 18:41

"putin won't make me leave home." In Kharkiv’s Northern Saltivka, a group of elderly stays despite intense shelling

26 may, 18:44

russians are shelling Kharkiv: 7 people dead

20 may, 10:29

Kharkiv shelled again by russia with MRL systems

19 may, 14:38

Kharkiv's Stepan the Cat receives the highest blogger award of World Influencers and Bloggers Awards

6 may, 08:53

Ukrainian troops can de-occupy Kharkiv region, ISW says

18 apr, 21:21

Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down russian plane in Kharkiv region, head of administration reports

17 apr, 12:17

Monument to Zhukov demolished in Kharkiv

11 apr, 11:04

russians remotely dropped time-lapse mines on Kharkiv at night

6 apr, 12:12

russian invaders fired on Kharkiv's residential neighborhoods all night, striking 27 times

5 apr, 13:30

russian occupiers fired at settlements in Kharkiv region 54 times over the past 24 hours: there are casualties

4 apr, 17:07

russian troops are preparing to capture Kharkiv and surround Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas, Ministry of Defense reports

30 mar, 22:10

Russia is conducting chaotic fire on Kharkiv, head of administration reports

28 mar, 14:48

In Kharkiv, occupiers destroyed 1,177 apartment buildings

24 mar, 18:44

In Kharkiv direction, air defense shot down occupiers' fighter jet and UAV

24 mar, 15:42

In Kharkiv, invaders aimed at the line for humanitarian aid: there are dead and wounded - Regional State Administration

23 mar, 19:43

Number of victims of Kharkiv Regional State Administration shelling has risen to 24 dead

18 mar, 18:05

In Kharkiv, a few soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces neutralized elite special forces of Russian Federation: new details

15 mar, 20:51

Ukrainian military shot down another plane of occupiers near Kharkiv

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