31 mar, 13:41

Foreign Ministry welcomes the decision to extend the mandate of OSCE Mission to Ukraine

25 mar, 11:53

SBU suspects Medvedchuk's representatives of supporting the occupants of Crimea

24 mar, 16:01

Zelenskyi approves de-occupation and reintegration strategy for Crimea

What's Happening
16 mar, 16:15

Returning Crimea: how Ukraine is fighting for the occupied peninsula

10 mar, 10:35

Near Sevastopol, occupants pumped all the water from the quarry they called sacred

What's Happening
26 feb, 18:15

War started in Ukraine 7 years ago. Does Zelenskyi have a chance to finish it?

26 feb, 11:50

"Crimea was the heart of Ukraine": Zelenskyi signs a decree on measures to de-occupy Crimea and addresses Ukrainians

26 feb, 10:33

Ukraine calls on the world to join "Crimean platform" for de-occupation of Crimea and increase sanctions on Russia

21 feb, 09:10

When your native language is on the verge of extinction. How they save Crimean Tatar in Ukraine

19 feb, 10:57

Wave of repressions against Crimean Tatars is the basis for introducing new sanctions against Russia - Kuleba

15 feb, 17:26

Zelenskyi's Office reports about Ukraine's losses from Russia's occupation of Crimea

14 jan, 12:04

ECHR finds Ukraine's case against Russia on Crimea admissible and proceeds to merits

13 jan, 13:05

Return of Crimea: a Crimean's view

31 dec, 09:12

Minister for Reintegration: ending the war cannot be resolved within "Minsk"

30 dec, 15:45

Donbas, Crimea, The Hague: how International Criminal Court will investigate crimes against Ukraine

22 dec, 16:56

In Ukraine, one can learn about crimes in occupied territories on Internet portal

17 dec, 12:55

President: Crimea liberation issue is returned to international agenda

7 dec, 23:10

UN General Assembly adopts Ukraine's draft resolution on militarization of Crimea

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