23 sep, 09:48

Zelenskyy: Ukraine has right to say: we want to 'revive' UN

22 sep, 16:52

Cabinet of Ministers approves Crimean Tatar language alphabet on basis of Latin

21 sep, 09:10

"We're looking for solutions for Donbas and Crimea at all platforms": Zelenskyy arrived in the United States to participate in UN General Assembly

5 sep, 09:31

Minsk agreements anniversary: U.S. demands that Kremlin fulfill its commitments

2 sep, 13:55

UN Secretary-General's report on Crimea defines Russia as an occupier country - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

26 aug, 17:15

Salaries in Ukraine, Crimea, and ORDLO: who will win?

23 aug, 15:40

Zelenskyy invites Russia to Crimean Platform to "correct its historical tragic mistake"

19 aug, 10:36

44 states agreed to be present at Crimean Platform Summit - Kuleba

19 aug, 09:57

Zelenskyy intends to sign several laws at Crimean Platform Summit

18 aug, 17:29

Crimean Platform: Japan will sign a joint summit declaration

17 aug, 14:53

Rada will hold an extraordinary meeting dedicated to Crimean Platform, people's deputies say

17 aug, 13:46

Zelenskyy responds to searches and detentions of Tatars in occupied Crimea

9 aug, 22:53

Now it's 34: Kuleba says another European country confirmed participation in Crimean Platform

2 aug, 12:52

29 states have confirmed their participation in Crimean Platform Summit - Zelenskyy

27 jul, 10:45

Secretary of Transportation to represent US at Crimean Platform summit

20 jul, 17:38

Russia has transferred 21,000 troops to Crimea and is building a military town - Denisova

12 jul, 11:24

The office for monitoring a situation on the occupied peninsula will start working during "Crimean Platform" - Zhovkva

6 jul, 14:51

Russia deploys potential nuclear delivery vehicles in occupied Crimea

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