19 feb, 17:16

Preserving Ukrainian culture in areas most threatened by Russia's colonialism

Photo, video
20 dec, 10:53

Ukrainian scouts pass the Holy Fire from Bethlehem to intelligence officers

28 jul, 14:50

Zelensky signs law shifting Christmas celebrations away from Russian Orthodox Church to December 25, in line with global calendar

14 jul, 12:15

Ukraine joins global Christmas tradition: Parliament approves bill to move festivities to December 25

7 jan, 11:53

A four-meter Christmas Santa was installed in Lviv

5 jan, 17:46

putin ordered defense minister to cease fire on Christmas: what is known

In Handy
28 dec, 08:05

Gifts to strangers: 25 ideas on how to please those who need little miracles

25 dec, 15:45

News about Christmas in Ukraine echoes alongside din of war - Bartholomew

24 dec, 19:42

Zelensky wishes western rite Orthodox Christians merry Christmas

23 dec, 18:20

Feast amid the plague: Ukrainians prepare to celebrate war Christmas

21 dec, 12:35

Christmas that cannot be stolen: how to decorate your home in a minimalist way for the holidays

In Handy
14 dec, 13:53

Christmas traditions in Ukraine, and why it's important to celebrate them

10 jan, 08:55

The most massive carol performance in Ukraine recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk region

7 jan, 10:32

Zelenskyy wishes Ukrainians a Merry Christmas

3 jan, 12:13

Events to honor the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Shchedryk in the country planned in the US

31 dec, 09:05

Charity for the holidays: how community initiatives help those in need

In Handy
26 dec, 09:37

Year of the Tiger, or how to celebrate the New Year like a cat: how to dress, what to gift, how to decorate the house

25 dec, 08:58

Zelenskyy congratulates Ukrainians on Christmas

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