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Christmas that cannot be stolen: how to decorate your home in a minimalist way for the holidays

Celebrating the New Year 2023, almost every Ukrainian has one common wish. This year, most of us do not want loud celebrations. But it is important to create a cozy festive atmosphere to feel that no one will take away what is ours. And that our struggle is not in vain. Our article tells us how to decorate the house for the winter holidays without buying

What is the problem?

The closer to Christmas and the New Year, the more Ukrainians admit that they have neither the energy nor the mood to decorate their homes with a traditional Christmas tree. It is not easy to forget about the war, the lack of electricity, and the high prices in stores and immerse yourself in the joyous process of preparing for the winter holidays.

What is the solution?

Yes, we will not have the perfect New Year that we all strive for this year. These holidays will be different. Our country is suffering. And now we are all in the same boat. Many families will have modest holidays this year. And, by the way, not only in Ukraine. In his speech, Pope Francis called on all parishioners to have a "modest" Christmas — with savings, reduced spending on gifts, and donations to help Ukrainians.

But even in dark times, the light always remains within us. Christmas and New Year remain a time of hope and goodness despite everything. Psychologists say: holidays bring the joy that helps to fight on. And for children, it is also a way to forget the horrors they faced during the war.

You should not completely ignore the holidays. No energy for a Christmas tree or desire to spend money on new decorations? Let's make a holiday out of what we already have! Our goal is to help you with ideas for cozy and minimalist decorations to create an atmosphere of Christmas and New Year in your home.

How does it work?
Let's start the inventory

Before creating a New Year's composition, take inventory of what you already have. Do you have winter-themed figurines? Candlesticks? Jars and vases? Baskets, boxes? Textile products that could act as a background and complement the composition? What can be added, and what should be painted or redone to give it a second life?

All these trinkets are small and cute and can be conveniently placed in any corner of your home.

декор своїми руками

The photo above shows three simple jars in which the designer saw luxurious vessels for various New Year's attributes. Jars, cups, bottles, bowls, and other dishes can be used at home to create original decorations for the New Year and Christmas!

новорічні прикраси

Any cans will come in handy — both from home preservation and from ready-made products. A little imagination, paint and glue, and homemade vases or lamps are ready.

  • Simply wrap the jar with ribbons or leftover wrapping paper;
  • Paint using stencils or coat with glue and roll the jars in shredded styrofoam, salt, or sugar;
  • Add a sprig of wintergreen, real or faux;
  • Place candles, battery-operated garlands, or a winter bouquet inside.

новорічний настрій

Got a metal basket and a few sprigs of this season's trending cotton? Then the idea in the photo above is just for you! The main idea behind inventory is to use items that you really like. Our homes often contain treasures that you won't find anywhere else.

Learning from the Scandinavians


Residents of the northern latitudes believe that to please the eye, decorations should not be excessive. For them, Christmas decoration is something very personal, something that does not overwhelm the space. For example, today, in the cities of Finland, even on the main streets, you can see Christmas trees modestly decorated with only tiny lights of illumination. Conciseness and restraint in everything are also loved in Norway and Sweden. And the inhabitants of Denmark came up with a whole philosophy of "Hygge," which teaches us to find joy in ordinary things.

подарунки у шкарпетці

So, for a minimalist Christmas space, festive decor can be just one massive knitted stocking and some greenery.

новорічні прикраси

And the combination of a couple of spruce or pine twigs, transparent vessels, and natural color decorations can create a real miracle. Take advantage of nature walks and places that sell cut Christmas trees. At most Christmas tree markets, you can find many small branches that have been cut or broken off. You can get these branches for pennies or even for free and use them to decorate your home. Another plus is that it will be easy and quick to disassemble such a "tree" after the holidays.

Getting inspired by nature

In the nearest park or forest (of course, in those places where it is allowed to walk in wartime), you can find a lot of other materials for creativity.

різдвяне дерево

Elements of the New Year's composition will be branches, cranberries, nuts, and pine cones. These items are beautiful, seasonal, and environmentally friendly. Look at the composition of the cones in the photo below. Most of us already have candles on hand, and the rest of the elements will be easy to find just outside the house door.

шишка, різдвяний декор

You can use natural materials in many original and beautiful ways. Wreaths made of fresh branches of juniper, thuja, and pine will be a good decoration. You can also include pine cones, rowan berries, and ornamental shrubs. You may add dried apple and orange slices.

різдвяний вінок

With the family

Not all families will be able to meet at the festive table this year. Bring everyone together in Christmas decor. Family photos, letters, memorial cards, grandmother's notes, and grandfather's letters can become a wall Christmas tree. So can be children's drawings, coloring pages, and crafts.

ялинка, різдво

There are many ways to make things related to your family to decorate your home, all of which will warm your heart and create the effect of the presence of people dear to you.

ялинка, різдво

While you have free time, prepare the materials in advance, and when the lights are turned off, sit down with the children to make paper ornaments by the light of a lantern. Creating a New Year's fairy tale together will warm your soul and help occupy children who are usually bored without electricity. This way the hours without electricity will fly much faster.

імбирне печиво, різдво

Are all family members at home? Is there electricity? Do you have the opportunity to cook something together? Go to the kitchen and bake elements of New Year's decorations with the whole family. Baking is one of the best parts of the holiday. Use the food stocks and turn on the oven! Involve the children in making and decorating a gingerbread house, or bake together a pile of fragrant ginger cookies, part of which will decorate your apartment for these holidays. Encourage everyone to this warm and homely business.

May there be more light!


вогники, гірлянда

Due to the russian missile attacks, decorative candles, Christmas lights, and battery-powered USB garlands have supported us with their warmth and light since October. But this does not mean at all that now they have lost their true purpose — to be a part of New Year's celebrations.

свічки, новий рік, різдво

A garland can easily turn into a Christmas tree if it is fixed in the appropriate form on the wall. A battery-powered lamp can become the central element of a composition of shiny Christmas decorations reflecting light on the ceiling and walls, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. Even a simple arrangement of candles and candlesticks in a row on a shelf can have quite a magical effect.

Even more useful solutions!


You might think that being a designer in our conditions is difficult. But look at the wonderful photos of minimalist decor Ukrainians share on social networks. All these compositions are DIY:

ялинки своїми руками

Minimalism, which became a trend for many because of the war, does not necessarily mean that we should only pay attention to those necessary for survival and perceive everything else as inappropriate. This means that everything you own now has a special meaning and gives more value to life.

What else should you remember when decorating your home?

  • Work with what you already have;
  • Be careful with small jewelry. Small decorations are good for a minimalist style, but too many unorganized small elements can look cluttered;
  • Don't go overboard with colors. For a harmonious design, you need to choose one or two, a maximum of three main colors;
  • Don't forget to add holiday decorations that you've used over the years to your mini compositions;
  • Exchange Christmas decorations with friends and loved ones! That way, instead of buying new toys, you can have new ones without spending a lot of money.

різдвяні композиціїНайважливіше в мінімалістичному різдвяному декорі — щоб ви відчували себе у ньому комфортно та щасливо. Простота може виглядати по-різному для кожного з нас, і це нормально.

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