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Coming to IT: analyzing how to choose the specialty

With digitalizing our life, the IT field attracts more and more attention from those who are just choosing a profession or intend to change their field of activity. And often the salary level affects the decision to go to IT. Though, in order for the employer to choose you, first, it is necessary to decide on the specialization, since the concept of "working in IT" is too vague.

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In our company, I take part in selecting employees. Based on this, here are some tips to help you choose your direction.

The first thing you should think about is the source of knowledge, the duration of acquiring it, and the transition to practice.

If you gravitate more towards science and plan to study books at a university thoroughly for at least five years, then look towards theoretical cybernetics. The only caveat is that you may seek for a decent payment for your work outside Ukraine since the scientific activity is still not given a solid payment in our country.

In all other cases (i.e. technical specialization), start by choosing a profession. Possible options are listed below.

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