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Tea Day: how to drink a "remedy for 100 diseases" and unusual recipes

Everything you need to know about the drink, second to only water in terms of consumption.

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It's amazing how things we now consider ordinary and essentially unworthy of attention could once change the course of history. Have you ever considered while making a cup of fragrant tea for breakfast in the morning, that thanks to it, one of the greatest countries of the present, the United States of America, appeared on the world map?

On December 16, 1773, an actual riot broke out in Boston. Its residents threw 42 tons of tea into the sea to protest against unfair taxation. The colonists had no representatives in the British Parliament, and they considered it illegal for the body where they had no representation to collect taxes. The Boston Tea Party wasn't only the culmination of many years of protests and riots over tax laws, but also that spark that ignited the American Revolution and led to a war for independence.

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Thus, the date proposed in 2005 by tea producers to celebrate their products wasn't chosen by chance, but given the events of almost 250 years ago. International Tea Day on December 15 draws public and political attention to the problems of tea sales, the situation of tea workers, the difficulties faced by small producers in the fight against large corporations, and promotes the drink in the world.

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