19 mar, 18:28

"We chose the path of construction": Ukrainian students grow organic products for school cafeteria

26 nov, 18:59

Ukrainian farmers reap nearly 29 million tons of vegetables in 2023

14 nov, 14:29

Despite shelling and mining: Kherson region's farming year results and solutions for food security

29 aug, 12:44

Ukrainian breeder creates world's first blue-yellow corn

17 aug, 18:56

Solutions from Ukraine: Vinnytsia entrepreneurs grow apples with patriotic inscriptions and drawings for fundraising and markets

3 aug, 16:15

Ukraine's Zakarpattia region extracts its first salt to offset deficit after Russian occupation of Soldedar Salt Mines

10 jul, 14:13

Support crafters and discover new tastes in Ukraine: Katran gastro project promotes local manufacturers of Transcarpathia

3 may, 16:27

Ukrainian company has invented plant-based shrimp

17 apr, 14:01

Slovakia halts grain imports from Ukraine

13 mar, 17:22

Global food security hinges on a tiny piece of land occupied by russia

26 nov, 16:27

Not here, not anywhere: Zelensky says Ukraine not to allow another famine

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1 nov, 15:53

How to save food without fridge, and fridge without electricity? Simple solutions

20 sep, 16:45

Zelensky to participate in food security summit in New York

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11 aug, 16:55

Save the "Gardens of Victory" for the winter: quick recipes and simple life hacks for canning

25 may, 14:09

russia's food blackmail: why world community can't do without Ukrainian products and how to re-establish exports from Ukraine

20 may, 09:52

US Secretary of State accuses russia of using food as a weapon

2 may, 11:56

Zelenskyy does not rule out possible tragedy for the world's food security

21 mar, 14:50

War in Ukraine is exacerbating famine in the Middle East and North Africa

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