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Hug the ones around you: how to support each other during escalation

Let's unite and stay strong. We explain how to help your loved ones and those around you to survive stressful times.

What is the problem?

Yesterday, Russia recognized the sovereignty of the so-called "DPR" and "LPR," withdrew from the Minsk Agreements, and openly deployed troops to the territory of the "republics." There is still little clarity on how the situation will develop even in the near future. What will replace the Minsk Agreements? Where will Putin stop? Should we expect an offensive? And although the authorities explained last night what all this means and how to react to ordinary citizens, after yesterday's and today's news, many Ukrainians are very worried and don't know what will happen next.

What is the solution?

One thing is clear: we are becoming participants in truly historical events. Our task is to live on, to do everything to make Ukraine survive, to be ready to defend our home. But the most important thing is to take care of and support your family, relatives, those around us.

Rubryka has collected the basic rules of supporting other people to help cope with confusion and stress.

This publication is available in Ukrainian and Russian. The English translation hasn’t been produced yet. Support us to make the translation faster - follow the link for instructions

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