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"It's not common to talk about it": how to break the cycle of domestic violence

Some women live in hell, but they don't run away for years. We tried to understand why it's happening, how to prevent it and recognize the first wake-up calls. How a "perfectionist's syndrome" relates to this and how romance turns into a trap, you can learn in the piece.Why thoughts like "I have nowhere to go" or "I feel shame to talk about it" will never help.

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Employees of crisis centers and psychologists assert that not every woman can give up everything and radically change the lives of her children and her own.

Even in a prosperous Europe, where the level of protection and state support for offended women is much higher than in Ukraine, the victim makes an average of seven escape attempts before breaking up with the abuser forever.

"I know many women," says Iryna, a former victim of domestic violence, "who continue to live with abusers. And they don't leave. It's like my story, when I spent several months in hospital after another beating. It's shameful and uncommon to talk about it. It's worse than a sexually transmitted disease."

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