Domestic violence

9 apr, 16:58

Solutions from Ukraine: new app enables victims of violence to alert police without calling

10 feb, 21:23

Kharkiv region opens support centers for domestic violence victims

Special project
15 jan, 12:55

How men join campaigns against gender-based violence and change Ukraine for good?

25 dec, 14:05

Ukrainian city of Poltava welcomes new children's support center for domestic violence victims

30 nov, 16:20

Ukraine to introduce electronic bracelets to address accountability of offenders in domestic violence cases

25 nov, 16:10

International anti-domestic violence campaign commences in Ukraine

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8 nov, 10:16

"We can eradicate the idea that violence is normal": how the Women's Rights Protection Department works

5 nov, 16:22

Solutions from Ukraine: 11 free Rescue Centers in Ukraine providing comprehensive aid to war and violence victims

Special project
28 jun, 09:05

Getting out of the vacuum: emergency support on wheels helps victims of violence

Special project
27 jun, 13:28

"You cannot overcome grief with tears — only with actions": the mobile team of social and psychological assistance helps violence victims overcome their challenges

25 jun, 13:59

Ukraine's Ministry of Health to develop new aid program for domestic violence victims

16 jun, 09:15

An online psychotherapy support platform for survivors of conflict-related violence Aurora operates in Ukraine

16 jun, 09:01

Denmark donated 15 inclusive cars to help survivors of gender-based violence

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12 may, 15:21

Solidarity during war: seven initiatives helping women in Ukraine

25 apr, 16:23

US donates 60 vehicles to assist victims of gender-based violence to UNFPA in Ukraine

19 mar, 18:00

Solution to win: a self-defense booklet published in Ukraine

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24 jan, 11:49

Breaking Cycle of Violence: how women's shelters work in wartime

1 dec, 15:42

Invisible front: how war affected domestic violence

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