домашнє насильство

4 dec, 14:15

Winners of Hack for Locals 3.0 to implement innovative solutions to combat violence in Ukraine

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26 nov, 16:15

How does a social apartment help women who suffer from domestic violence or hardship?

25 nov, 16:55

Join the orange wave: 16 Days of Activism against Violence campaign launched in Ukraine

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25 nov, 10:53

(Un)safe November: what to do when domestic violence is nearby

25 nov, 09:50

What to do if someone wants to attack you?

7 nov, 10:49

New shelter for victims of domestic violence to open in Kyiv soon

22 oct, 11:50

Domestic violence: why offenders should be taught

19 sep, 19:25

First Lady: Ukraine to open 28 new shelters for victims of domestic violence

1 jul, 17:28

People's Deputies approve a law to increase punishment for domestic violence

25 jun, 18:26

"It seems": a psychological assistance service for victims of violence launched in Ukraine

11 mar, 08:58

More than 200,000 complaints of domestic violence registered in Ukraine in 2020

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2 mar, 14:58

Domestic violence: where to turn for help in Kyiv

5 feb, 10:39

"It seems": Ukraine launched an anonymous online diary for domestic violence victims

25 nov, 10:11

"Violence is not the norm; it has no excuses" - Zelenska and ministers recorded a video for initiative against violence

19 nov, 17:56

Women face increased workload, salary cuts and domestic violence during pandemic

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30 oct, 11:00

Social apartment: how women and children in Kyiv are helped to escape violence

She's Got It
5 oct, 09:50

How to punish for domestic violence. Ukrainian woman evicted her ex-husband from the apartment through the European Court

27 may, 13:40

"It's not common to talk about it": how to break the cycle of domestic violence

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