UrbanRubryka 16:10 28 May 2020

The magic of entrance transformation: how a Kherson artist decorates bedroom districts

This way she proves the "embellished door theory" and overcomes the crisis

Anna Volyk, the artist

During the quarantine, the vast majority of people lost their jobs. For some people it was temporal, others had to take rest leave, and someone lost their job forever. Not every owner of the small business or enterprise has enough resources to overcome the crisis and resume full-scale activity.

Quarantine and loss of focus struck abruptly. It happened to everyone in the world, and it is tough to change the situation. The easiest way is to dive deep into reading economic reports and thinking the jig is over, to worry about the unpredictable future, to talk to pessimistic friends who sit and cling onto each other's sadness. You have other options! 

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