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10 feb, 12:35

A chatbot to help rent and lease spaces in private parking lots launched in Ukraine

In Handy
9 feb, 11:15

Where to go on Valentine's Day? 10 romantic destinations in Ukraine

24 jan, 10:45

Neglected Podil. What to do with houses that everyone has forgotten about?

21 jan, 18:05

What to do when your home is destroyed by bulldozers or destroyed NASU dormitory

11 jan, 13:30

How to save on public transport? "Kyiv resident's card" and other solutions

10 jan, 09:00

Transport collapse in Kyiv: how to solve the eternal problem of traffic jams

29 dec, 09:00

10 urban solutions of 2021: the most interesting city projects

17 dec, 10:34

Enclosed court reconstruction project in Ternopil region won an international competition

6 dec, 18:55

New urban trend: how Kyiv can become a garden city with streams and rivers

23 nov, 10:20

"You always have to start with yourself": a Odesa resident cleaned garbage and planted flowers

15 nov, 08:15

Pseudo-parking in Kyiv: how to fight and how can you park for free?

8 nov, 16:53

Kyiv approves regulations on public consultations when planning public spaces: what's changing

8 nov, 14:23

How to make your city comfortable and beautiful: design code and solutions for every citizen

29 oct, 13:05

From an abandoned place to a recreation spot: restoration of Dovha Balka in Dnipro

26 oct, 10:55

Nature-oriented space is being created in Lviv

Special Project
18 oct, 19:15

Fakes, art and rocket launch: how artists resist manipulation and propaganda

14 oct, 14:22

First public greening budget launched in Ukraine

3 oct, 12:45

People of Action: how do street musicians live and earn a living?

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