3 dec, 16:43

Russia shells Kherson, killing one and injuring three

29 nov, 19:43

Zelensky visits Kherson to check out plans for shelter construction

Photo, video
24 nov, 11:59

Russian shelling destroys children's library in Kherson

15 nov, 12:11

"I hope we will be able to have an interview following the Victory": Life in Kherson region post-Kakhovka HPP disaster

13 nov, 16:23

Russian army massively shells Kherson city center

13 nov, 14:09

Russian troops strike civilian car with two-month-old baby near Kherson

11 nov, 14:37

Russian forces have killed 405 civilians in Kherson since liberation last year

10 nov, 11:23

Russian troops strike a school near Kherson by night

6 nov, 10:40

Record number of Russian aerial bombs dropped on Berislav and Krynky overnight

Video, photo
6 nov, 08:20

Russian forces attack southern Ukrainian cities with four types of missiles and drones

3 nov, 15:46

Russian shelling of Kherson injures three civilians

2 nov, 09:18

Russian forces shell southern cities of Ochakiv and Kherson

31 oct, 12:23

Russian shelling kills one civilian in their car

30 oct, 15:17

Russian shell strikes public bus in Kherson

19 oct, 11:40

Russian artillery attack on Kherson leaves at least three civilians injured

14 oct, 16:16

Russian army shells Kherson, hitting near local supermarket

Special project
9 oct, 11:45

Two thousand flooded houses: the life of Kherson's Ostriv microdistrict after the Kakhovka power plant explosion

5 oct, 14:12

Russian airstrike destroys hospital in Beryslav, Kherson region

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