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Coffee Day: 17 solutions for coffee lovers

The love of coffee forces people all over the world to make the most bizarre discoveries: shoes from grounds, edible cups for drinks, and even forests grown on coffee fertilizer.

The more you feel the breath of autumn, the more you want coffee. Millions of people can't imagine their lives without an aromatic, rich drink that invigorates and energizes. On average, every Ukrainian consumes about 100 servings of coffee per year outside the home. And around the world during the same period, 0.82 trillion cups of coffee are sold, revenue from which exceeds tens of billions of dollars.

RUBRYKA has collected the most interesting solutions for the primary day of coffee lovers, World Coffee Day!

 ☕️  A drink that started progress


Today, coffee can be purchased at almost every corner. But why did the decoction of coffee beans become the second (after tea) most popular drink on the planet and the plant itself become one of the major crops?

As the famous American author, Michael Pollan writes in his book, before the advent of coffee, for centuries in the old world, the number one drink was alcohol. Alcohol was consumed not only by adults but also by children as a safe alternative to poorly purified water. They drank from morning till night, even at work; long before coffee breaks, workers in European manufactories had a legal break for beer. "For most of the day, the European consciousness was clouded." And then coffee appeared en masse and the fog quickly dissipated.

The fact is that with each round of the industrial revolution, the world increasingly needed people with a rational mind to operate machines in factories, work with numbers in offices and banks, create new products and technologies. Coffee gave all this and more; it helped people win the night. Before coffee, the very idea of ​​evening or night change seemed unnatural, the rhythm of life and work obeyed the course of the biological clock. Coffee in combination with artificial lighting has solved this problem by adapting the human body and brain to new requirements. The energy drink appeared at the right time in the right place.

We can safely say that the magic grains of the overseas exotic tree have changed everything: trade, communication style, ideas about human capabilities, approach to work, sense of time, and thinking. In addition, for almost four centuries, coffee has delighted all its connoisseurs with a unique aroma and incredibly exquisite taste.

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