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Open Sandwich Day: how to make the snack healthy

Today is the day of the most common snack of all time — an open sandwich. We'll talk all about a seemingly familiar dish: who invented the open sandwich, how to make it from the globe, and why the sandwich may even cause a political scandal.

An open sandwich or "Butterbrot" translates from German as "bread and butter," but it doesn't mean that humankind's ingenious invention appeared in Germany. Many countries are vying for the right to consider themselves the home of the open sandwich. Even in the days of Moses, the ancient Jews applied olive oil and pieces of various products to matzo. In India, chapati cakes performed the same function. The Danes, who call the culprit of today's holiday smørrebrød, believe that the real tandem of bread and butter was born in Denmark. The Swedes don't agree with them, because the bread and butter is a constant companion of the famous "buffet" or Swedish board. English people attribute the creation of a sandwich to their compatriot John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an avid carter; in order not to be distracted from playing cards by a full meal and not to smudge the cards with greasy fingers during quick snacks, he ordered to serve food between two slices of bread. The Poles also claim authorship of this dish, claiming that bread and butter were invented not just by anyone, but by Nicolaus Copernicus himself and that he saved many lives with the invention, stopping the epidemic in a castle besieged by the Teutons. And it wasn't about the fortified soldiers' nutrition; he realized that the dirt causing the transmission of infection was more noticeable on the buttered pieces of bread and could be easily removed.


Be that as it may, no one will know the truth in this matter, but no nation will probably argue that the sandwich is not only useful but also a very convenient and tasty province of all humankind.

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