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10 life rules of the most famous storyteller in the world, Astrid Lindgren

The genius "mother" of the well-known Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson, and Emil of Lönneberga can't give poor advice! The Swedish author had lived a long and not always simple life, and her wisdom still helps people today.

The most famous storyteller Astrid Lindgren, the author of amazing adventures fascinating both children and adults for decades, a woman who gave the world such characters as Karlsson-on-the-Roof, Ronja the Robber's daughter, Pippi Longstocking, Kalle Blomkvist, Emil of Lönneberga, and others, often joked that the vagaries of the Scandinavian weather made her a writer. When her daughter Karin caught a severe cold, Astrid spent several months at home with her, and not to get bored, she came up with a wonderful fairy tale for her daughter. The name of this story's heroine was Pippi Longstocking, the name invented by Karin. Astrid herself soon fell ill: by slipping in the ice, she dislocated her leg and was spending entire days in bed or sitting in a chair. She was writing Pippi's story down, enriching it with new plot twists and funny incidents.

біографія і принципи Астрід Ліндгрен

The manuscript about Pippi Longstocking, which Karin received from her mother on her tenth birthday. On the cover: a picture drawn by Astrid Lindgren

Of course, not only the capricious northern weather contributed to the writer's making. As a young woman, fröken Erickson (Lindgren's maiden name) had a cheerful disposition, unbridled imagination, and knack for jokes. She loved to read, was not timid, was hard-working and firm and purposeful. Astrid's worldview was reflected in over forty novels and as many so-called "picture books" by her. The heroes are ordinary children: cheerful, witty, resourceful, sometimes capable of reckless actions, but also able to stand up for justice against schemes and even crime.

On gloomy days of gray, unfriendly November, we also would like to sit in a chair, take a mug of hot chocolate, cinnamon buns, wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket, and immerse yourself in the Swedish writer's world of adventures, and maybe learn something both from them and from the writer herself.

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