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Timeline of war: day 217 of russia's war in Ukraine


Ukrainian army's successes

The village of Novoselivka in the Donetsk region has been liberated! The Ukrainian flag was raised there.

Селище Новоселівка на Донеччині звільнено

📌 The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that Ukrainian forces are strengthening their positions near Lyman in the Donetsk region and continue approaching this city. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are close to cutting off the last supply routes of russia's Lyman group and taking it into operational encirclement.

In addition, on September 26 and 27, the Ukrainian forces took control of several villages to the northwest and north of Lyman.

📌 Ukrainian air defense forces shot down two missiles russia used to attack the Odesa region in the evening. In addition, the russians directed a similar attack on Kryvyi Rih; air defense forces also destroyed the Kh-59 missile.

📌 Units of Ukraine's Defense Forces repelled attacks in the areas of 12 settlements in the Donetsk region.

📌 During the day, Ukrainian aviation made 19 strikes. It was confirmed that 14 areas of concentration of russia's troops and military equipment, three strongholds, and seven positions of anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed.

In addition, Ukrainian air defense units destroyed the plane and 6 UAVs.

📌 Missile forces and artillery struck 12 areas of concentration of enemy troops and equipment, four ammunition warehouses, positions of anti-aircraft defense, and radio-electronic warfare, in particular, the Zhitel automated obstacle station.

Руйнування війна

📌 The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile complex deployment in the Berislav district, Kherson region, and the russian troops' center of weapons and equipment near Liubimivka, Kakhovka region.

Руйнування війна

  • Tonight, the building of the water supply company in Lysychansk, which the russians occupied, exploded.

russia's crimes

217 день війни

📌 Yesterday evening, the russian army struck several times at the Kholodnohirskyi district of Kharkiv City. The occupiers hit an infrastructure facility.

As a result of shelling by russia, six people were injured in the Kharkiv region in the last 24 hours. Among them is a 16-year-old girl in the village of Petropavlivka, Bohodukhiv district. She is in severe condition.

📌 The occupiers fired S-300 rockets at a school in Mykolaivka (Donetsk region), where there was a civilian bomb shelter. There were 12 people there. The warehouse survived, and no one was injured.

📌 At 00:50, there was an attack on the Mykolaiv industrial zone with S-300 missiles. There was also artillery shelling of the Ochakiv water zone, and there were no casualties. Kamikaze drones attacked the port area of ​​Ochakiv.

📌 The occupiers struck Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk region) three times at night, hitting the power lines. They were fired from Hrad MLRS and heavy artillery. No one was injured, but more than ten high-rise and private buildings were damaged, and almost 8,000 families were left without electricity.

The first case of shelling of Musiivka, Dnipropetrovsk region, was also recorded.

📌 ruscists hit the center of Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia region. In the morning, the occupiers fired at the city center with three S-300 missiles, destroying the building, which has the status of a historical monument.

📌 russia launched Iranian kamikaze drones at Hasidim in Uman, a pilgrimage site for Breslov Hasidic Jews. The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down more than 10 Shahed-136 drones in the country's south. The special services are sure that terrorist attacks against Israelis are one of Iran's conditions for handing over drones to the russian federation.

217 день війни

📌 russian media published data on "referendums" in Ukrainian territories captured by the russian federation: Kherson region with allegedly 87.05% for accession, Zaporizhzhia region with 93.11%, Luhansk region with 98.42%, Donetsk region with 99.23%. The photo shows how collaborators count empty "ballots." It is obvious that the results are falsified.

At the same time, for example, only 0.5% of residents participated in the "referendum" in the Zaporizhzhia region.

📌 New victims of the occupation. The bodies of two civilian men with traces of violent death, previously from gunshot wounds, were found in a ditch near de-occupied Vysokopillia. Two residents of the Odesa region have been missing since July.

📌 Five identified russian service members were informed in absentia about being suspected of shooting civilian cars with civilians in Hostomel, Kyiv region, in February 2022. The occupiers fired at civilian vehicles for 6 hours.

Life considering war

217 день війни

📌 To unite Ukrainians abroad and provide them with a communication platform, the activists created the Numo Spilno application. There you can create events, find answers to questions about life in another country and look for Ukrainians nearby.

📌 Almost 700 thousand doses of poliomyelitis vaccine were given to Ukraine free of charge by UNICEF.

📌 Uber returns to Kharkiv. The company wants to support the city's recovery, so it decided not to charge a service fee and to give 100% of the cost of the trips to local drivers.


Foreign partners' support

💡 The US is preparing to allocate $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine. This is how America will react to the "referendums" that russia is holding in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

💡 In addition, the US doesn't object to Kyiv using Western weapons against the occupiers in the regions that may "become part of the russian federation" after pseudo-referendums.

💡 Ukraine will receive equipment to combat Iranian drones, made jointly with Israel, with its consent, from the USA.

💡 The US will transfer 16 NASAMS systems to the Ukrainian armed forces. Two batteries will be sent first. The battery can have up to eight launchers, a command post, and a radar to see the targets.

💡 Ukraine will receive air defense systems from Germany. The first system will probably be delivered in October, the second will be in Ukraine by the end of the year, and two more, next year. IRIS-T air defense systems are produced for Ukraine and are not in service with the German army.

Germany also prepared 13 bridge-laying machines and 90 heavy-duty trailers for shipment to Ukraine. But Germany still refuses to help with tanks.

💡 Belgium will provide Ukraine with large-caliber M2HB machine guns, ammunition, and equipment. The total amount of military aid will be €12 million.

💡 Lithuania will provide winter equipment for about 25 thousand Ukrainian soldiers.

💡 Ukraine will receive more than a ton of humanitarian aid from France. France will also cover the costs of delivering Ukrainian wheat to Ethiopia and Somalia.

💡The EC proposed a new sanctions package against russia. It proposed to ban the import of russian products worth 7 billion euros, introduce new export restrictions, and prohibit European citizens from holding managerial positions in russian state-owned companies.

💡 The state banks of Turkey, following the private ones, refused to use the russian payment system Mir.

💡 Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said russia could have caused the gas leak on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

Ukrainians, let's unite! 

💡 In the Petrivka territorial community in the Kirovohrad region, residents raided money for ten drones for the marine infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Five drones have already been handed over to the military.

💡 The owner of a service station from Bukovyna (Chernivtsi region), together with four auto mechanics, serves in the ranks of the National Guard. The men have moved their tools and equipment and are now repairing cars for the army.

217 день війни

💡 In the Zhytomyr region, Berdychiv лettlebell sportsman and athlete Hennadii Reznik opened a personal exhibition of paintings. He will donate part of the proceeds from selling his works to a local hospital.

💡 23 volunteers from the Ivano-Frankivsk community went to the Mykolaiv region: they will help prepare the city for the winter, in particular, nail the windows. A lot of homes have been affected by the russian shelling.

217 день війни

💡 A resident of the village of Obodivka, in the Vinnytsia region, makes "invisibility potbelly stoves" for the military. According to Volodymyr Popov, such potbelly stoves are not only convenient but also invisible to the enemy because there is no smoke from them at all.

💡 The Volyn regional music drama theater employees started sewing tactical assault vests for the military. Women themselves created all patterns.

💡 The VIP Ternopil comedy team members have already raised more than 4 million hryvnias thanks to the My Coffee For Ukrainian Army initiative. It is a project where one small donation, equal to an unused cup of coffee, turns into a car for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. One cup is 30 hryvnias, and 7,400 cups is a car.

💡 In two days, the Zhytomyr Lyceum collected more than a ton of humanitarian aid for the residents of Balaklia, a recently liberated town in the Kharkiv region.

217 день війни

💡 And in Burshtyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, almost 40 thousand hryvnias were collected for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the fair.


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