What's Happening 11:20 09 Mar 2022

Timeline: day 14 of Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression

Today, March 9, and for the 14th day, Russia's military attack on Ukraine continues. We're telling about all the current news. The article will be constantly updated.

What is today?

Key points

Updated information on the losses of the occupier

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

As of 6 a.m., the Armed Forces continue to defend:

  • In the northern and north-western directions, hostilities continue in the Polissia and Volyn operational districts, as well as along the state border of Ukraine and in the settlements of Nizhyn, Ivanytsia, Trostianets, and the defense of the city of Chernihiv continues.
  • The grouping of forces and means of defense of the city of Kyiv repulses the enemy's offensive, inflicts fire damage on their offensive group, and firmly holds limits.
  • In the Southern direction, operational groups of the defense forces cover the state border of Ukraine and the seacoast, protecting and defending airfields and critical infrastructure.

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

From Zelenskyy's night address: "The world doesn't believe in the future of Russia, doesn't talk about it. They talk about us, help us, prepare to support our reconstruction after the war. Because everyone saw that for the people who defend themselves so heroically, this "after the war" will surely come.

Since the beginning of the Russian armed attack on Ukraine, namely from 04:00 on February 24 to 24:00 on March 7, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has recorded 1,335 civilian casualties. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is convinced that the real figures are much higher. This is due to delays in receiving information from areas of intense fighting, and many reports are still awaiting confirmation.

Important! Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar addressed her compatriots. She wrote that the Ministry of Defense asks not to publish anything about weapons that are being transferred or will be transferred to Ukraine.

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

Important! Agreed routes of humanitarian corridors for March 9.

Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk said at a briefing that she had agreed with Russia on the previously discussed routes of humanitarian corridors:

  • Enerhodar – Zaporizhzhia
  • Sumy – Poltava
  • Mariupol – Zaporizhzhia
  • Volnovakha – Pokrovsk
  • Izium- Lozova
  • Vorzel, Bucha, Borodianka, Irpin, Hostomel – Kyiv

A ceasefire will be introduced on March 9 at 9:00. Earlier, it was reported that Russia had violated the ceasefire agreement and opened fire on humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Irpin.

In the evening, Arakhamia said that 40,000 women and children from all over Ukraine had been evacuated in the last 24 hours. They tried to take 100,000 but failed. Arakhamia also promised to find and destroy the occupiers' equipment, which is stifling communication with Mariupol.

And the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy once again appealed to international charities, especially the Red Cross, to continue creating humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians from Russian-occupied territories and areas where active hostilities are taking place. After all, every minute of delay costs the lives of our people!

According to the adviser to the head of the Office of the President, Mykhailo Podoliak, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already survived more than ten attempts on his life.

As of March 9, 61 children have died since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine began. Hundreds more children were injured. It is impossible to forgive!

20:30 – Zelenskyy stated that the conflict can be resolved only through direct dialogue between the leaders of Ukraine and Russia on the basis of mutual compromise.

"In every negotiation, my goal is to end the war with Russia. And I'm also ready to take certain steps. One can compromise, but they should not be a betrayal of my country. And the other side must also be willing to compromise, so they are called compromises. That's the only way we can get out of this situation."

The State Ecological Inspectorate (SEI) calculated the damage caused to the environment by the Russian army. Damages totaling about $77 million were estimated for land pollution alone.

Ukrainian creatives, together with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, have joined the Information Regiment ₩AW War Against War to strengthen the fight against outright lies and propaganda of Russia. The Ministry of Culture reports.

"Ukrainians are watching an insane amount of information generated and created by volunteers from various fields. And this is extremely important because they all increase the information resistance of our country and show the truth to the world. Today, any video or photo is not just content. It means fighting spirit and evidence base against the criminal actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine," said Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko.

According to Deputy Chief of Staff Ihor Zhovkva, Kyiv has officially turned to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for help in organizing a meeting between Presidents Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, a March 3-4 poll by Info Sapiens for the British research agency ORB found that three-quarters of Ukrainians oppose recognizing Crimea as Russian, and even more against recognizing the "independence" of the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The law on the right of civilian Ukrainians to kill Russian invaders came into force. Valid for wartime.

22:30 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has already arrived in Turkey, where talks with Russian Minister Lavrov are to take place.

And Prime Minister Shmyhal announced the creation of the "Fund for the Restoration of Destroyed Property and Infrastructure." Anyone left without a roof over their head, whose house or apartment was destroyed by the occupier, will be able to leave a claim for compensation in Diia. "And as soon as the war is over, we will begin to rebuild everything that was destroyed by the enemy," the high-ranking official promised. Registration will begin in a week.

The Diia will also have a new temporary digital certificate for those who lost their documents, YeDocument. It will contain passport data, TIN, as well as, if possible, photos. It will be recognized by state authorities, the National Police, and the military at checkpoints. The document will be automatically available to all Diia users.

Close our sky!

The results of American polls on Ukraine show that while politicians are hesitant, ordinary Americans support closing the skies. The polls were conducted online in early March 2022 and found that the American people were determined to impose sanctions on Russia and close the skies over Ukraine.

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

The wife of the President of Ukraine Olena Zelenska wrote an open letter to the world media. In her address, she once again asked the world community to make a decision to close the skies over Ukraine.

The United States cannot cover Ukraine with the Iron Dome but will continue to consider expanding military aid. US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland announced this.

A concert of the symphony orchestra started on Independence Square in Kyiv. The purpose of the concert is to once again call on the partners to close the skies over Ukraine. Live broadcast here!

The United States has seen signs that the Russian military is using so-called unguided bombs during an attack on Ukraine. They significantly increase the risk of misses. But no one is in a hurry to close the skies over Ukraine.

Peaceful atom

Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko addressed the situation at the Zaporizhzhia NPP:

Employees of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant have been held hostage for 4 days. In the middle of the station, there are about 500 Russian soldiers and 50 units of heavy equipment. The workers of the station are physically and psychologically exhausted. They were tortured. The occupiers forced the station's management to record an appeal, which they plan to use for propaganda; the aggressor will demonstrate another fake to its citizens and the international community to justify their own crimes.

The Minister stressed that the accident at nuclear power plants due to the use of weapons by the Russians would lead to a catastrophe of the European scale. Responsibility for this will be entirely on Russia. He called on the world community to end Russia's nuclear terrorism. This must be done now before it is too late.

7:00 – IAEA loses contact with Chornobyl monitoring systems

This information is provided by Reuters, citing the IAEA, a UN organization. Currently, the station is operating as planned and the staff is being held hostage.

12:30 – as a result of the hostile actions of the Russian occupiers, the Chornobyl nuclear power plant was completely de-energized. Ukrenergo will monitor the situation and inform you about changes.

Energoatom explained that the Chornobyl nuclear power plant was threatened by power outages: in the absence of electricity supply, the pumps will not be able to cool about 20,000 spent fuel assemblies. As a result, the temperature in the holding pools will increase, soaring and release of radioactive substances into the environment will occur. Due to possible radioactive contamination, not only Ukraine is in danger, but also the regions of Belarus, Russia, and Europe. The city of Slavutych is also without electricity.

The IAEA intervened in the analysis of the situation. So far, the agency does not see any critical environmental risks due to the Chornobyl black-out. The IAEA announced this on Twitter.

However, the occupier's activities will not go unpunished. As Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said at a press conference on March 9, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has launched criminal proceedings for the ecocide after Russia's seizure of the Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plants.

Life considering hostilities

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the crime rate in Kyiv has decreased 6-7 times. This was announced at night during a telethon by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko.

And our Paralympians defend the honor of the country on the sports front. Today, on the fifth day of the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, they won two medals. Ukraine, with 19 awards, is in third place in the medal standings.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, ATB has provided tens of millions of hryvnias in humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

Zelenskyy signed a law on strengthening the responsibility for treason (for life) and for looting (from 5 to 10 years).

Important!: Cyber police warn against fraud under the guise of charity. Under the guise of raising money for charity, swindlers create fictitious accounts and misappropriate citizens' money. Cyber police urge citizens to be careful and transfer money only to official accounts or through verified charitable foundations.

Life goes on. A series of film screenings were announced in the Kyiv metro.

The program of film screenings included films of various genres and epochs, from films of the All-Ukrainian Photographic Management to modern ones, which could be seen in the Ukrainian box office recently are announced. To date, screenings are scheduled at 14 stations of the Kyiv metro. Film screenings at the stations Syrets, Dorohozhychi, Lukianivska, Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho, and Druzhby Narodiv are already in full swing.

Who's coming to Ukraine? 

About financial aid, weapons, and volunteer fighters

More than 3,000 Americans have already applied to join the International Legion of the Armed Forces. This was reported by the Center for Countering Disinformation, citing US data.

The IMF will consider allocating $1.4 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine.

The World Bank has approved $723 million in emergency aid to Ukraine. The money will help the Ukrainian government pay for public services, "including doctors' salaries, pensions and social programs for vulnerable groups," ABC NEWS reports.

Canada will send another batch of highly specialized military equipment to Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Canada said this.

And the NATO Secretary-General warned: Any attempt to forcibly obstruct NATO's military assistance to Ukraine would be considered an attack on NATO.

Also today, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development agreed on a €2 billion package to help "citizens, companies, and countries affected by the war in Ukraine." The bank also promised to do everything possible to help rebuild the country.

The son of a British MP Ben Grant, a 30-year-old former Special Forces member of the Royal Marines with more than five years of experience, came to fight for Ukraine. Grant, a father of three, decided to go to Ukraine after seeing footage of an apartment building being bombed by Russians where he heard a child's scream. The Briton came to Ukraine not alone, but together with his colleagues.

Partners' news

The United Kingdom will detain any Russian aircraft in its airspace. Authorities say it is now a criminal offense.

The Baltic states have signed an agreement to disconnect from the Russian electricity grid.

Disconnection from the BREL network, which connects Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia with Belarus and Russia, was previously planned for 2025.

"Although it is not worth dragging on until 2025, it can be done earlier," said Ilse Indrikson, Parliamentary Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Economy.

Hungary has opposed a ban on imports of Russian energy. "While we condemn Russia's armed offensive and war, we will not allow Hungarian families to pay the price of war; therefore, sanctions shouldn't apply to the oil and gas sectors," Orban said. According to him, imposing sanctions against the Russian energy sector will be a "disproportionately heavy burden" for the country; most of Hungary's oil and natural gas imports fall on Russia. Orbán claims that 90% of Hungarian families heat their homes with gas.

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

For the first time in history, Japan began supplying munition to Ukraine. A special board delivered bulletproof vests, helmets, and more.

The applications of Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova for accession to the EU will be considered separately, the EU representative said.

The Polish Parliament is on our side! Deputies unanimously supported Ukraine's accession to the EU!

Ukraine's accession to the EU was also supported by Croatia.

What you can't say about Germany: this country opposes the disconnection of Russia's Sberbank from SWIFT, Bloomberg writes.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss disagrees with the Germans. "Russia must be completely disconnected from SWIFT, and the G7 countries must give up oil and gas from Russia," said Truss.

Sanctioning aggressor!

The European Commission has prepared a new package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus, which is expected to affect several Russian entrepreneurs and politicians, three sources told Reuters. The new package of sanctions bans the export of digital technologies from the EU to Russia and contains recommendations for monitoring cryptocurrencies to avoid using them to circumvent the new restrictions.

The companies continue to leave the Russian and Belarusian markets.

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

The Bolt taxi service has stated that it will leave the Belarusian market and transfer 5 million euros in support of Ukraine.

Following McDonald's, Starbucks shuts down its establishments in Russia. CEO Kevin Johnson said that the fees the corporation receives from operations in Russia will be spent on humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The company has already donated $500,000 to the World Central Kitchen and the International Committee of the Red Cross to help Ukrainians. All Starbucks products will also disappear from stores, including coffee beans and beverages.

By the way, you can't drink Pepsi there either.

No Pepsi, no planes! Britain has arrested the first Russian plane after sanctions were imposed to allow the arrest of any Russian aircraft.

The United States, Britain, and the European Union have banned the purchase of gold bars from Moscow.

EU envoys have agreed to expand sanctions against "Russian oligarchs and their families" and to shut down three Belarusian banks from SWIFT, the French presidency of the EU said. In addition, according to sources, the new package of sanctions also bans the export of naval equipment and software from Russia to the EU and contains recommendations for monitoring cryptocurrencies to avoid their use to circumvent EU sanctions, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, on the black market of Russia, one dollar is already 300 wooden rubles. The official rate is about 140, but at this rate, there's nowhere to buy it.

The Russians will not be able to quell the nerves of smokers either: the British Imperial Tobacco suspends all sales and production in Russia. This is the first major tobacco company to announce at least a temporary halt to operations in Russia. Well, grandparents will teach you how to wrap a shag in propaganda newspapers.

Following Tabacco, tobacco company Philip Morris has also suspended investment in projects in Russia. The PMI stressed that the company also plans to reduce production in Russia "because of ongoing violations in the supply chain."

Nestle also said it was also suspending investment in Russia.

They will ride on hand cars: Alstom terminates cooperation with Russia. The French company Alstom stops supplying its products to Russia: locomotives and railway equipment. This is stated in the official press release of the company.

You can't travel on TV either: Discovery suspends 15 channels in Russia.

The suffering of the racists continues: It will be impossible to buy currency even for a trip abroad, confirmed the Central Bank of Russia. It will be possible to pay with the Mir card abroad, but only where it is valid: Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and unrecognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The occupiers were left not only without currency but also without underpants: from March 10, all Victoria's Secret stores are also suspended in Russia. As of today, the company's online stores are closed.

Amazon stops sending goods to Russia, Bloomberg reports.

What about Russians?

The aggressor is rapidly losing military equipment in Ukraine, CNN reports.

According to US intelligence, Russian troops are rapidly losing equipment in Ukraine. Russia's losses in two weeks reach 10% of military assets.

Default is inevitable: Fitch, following Moody's, downgraded Russia's credit rating from B to C, the pre-default state.

To save the situation, the authorities have not come up with anything better than once again robbing their own citizens: Russia began the expropriation of foreign currency deposits of individuals. The relevant resolution of the Central Bank allows you to withdraw only 10 thousand US dollars, and the rest of the savings are converted into rubles. Of course, at a rate that doesn't exist, which is 2-3 times lower than the real one.

US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland: The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is now "dead" and unlikely to be "revived" ever. The Russians are unlikely to like it, but "dead means dead."

A quarter of Russian officials are ready to resign: they did not expect such sanctions, according to Russian media.

Less than half a month has passed: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has admitted that their conscripts are fighting on the territory of Ukraine. Losses among conscripts can no longer be hidden.

In response, Putin's spokesperson said that those responsible for sending Russian conscripts to Ukraine would be punished. Earlier, the Russian president insisted that Russian conscripts in Ukraine were not at war. We are in favor. Let them eat each other sooner than spiders in a jar.

Russian lies 

Remember the babbling of the first captured occupiers that they allegedly knew nothing and thought they were in military training. This is all a lie! According to Arestovych, captured Russian army officers say preparations for the invasion of Ukraine took about a year. According to the occupiers, the capture of Kharkiv was to take place on the third day of the full-scale war, and the capture of Kyiv was to take place on the seventh or tenth day. Thanks to the Armed Forces, they miscalculated here as well.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian military had found documents confirming Kyiv's preparations for an offensive operation in Donbas. The offensive was supposed to begin in March 2022. Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Ihor Konashenkov said that Russia's "special military operation" in Ukraine "prevented and thwarted a large-scale offensive" by the Kyiv authorities against the so-called DPR and LPR. Well, to justify the atrocities of the Russian army in Ukraine, the Russians lie even more.

Russia's "special operation" in Ukraine is strictly on schedule, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova. Well, if the goal was to destroy the Russian fascist Mordor, we believe!

Ukraine is on fire, more than a million people have become refugees, several Ukrainian settlements have been razed to the ground, and the occupying creatures still have the audacity to say that they did not want to harm people. "The tasks of the war did not include the overthrow of the current government in Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry said. "Its tasks do not include the occupation of Ukraine, the destruction of its statehood, or the overthrow of the current government. It is not directed against the civilian population," Zakharova said.

And in Ukraine, at the Interfax studio, Russian spies from Samara, aimed at "liberating Ukraine from fascism," gave a press conference at the Interfax Ukraine studio. They talk about war crimes in occupied Crimea and Syria and apologize for war crimes against Ukrainians. However, they surrendered to the local population only after half of them were defeated by the Ukrainian military.

Another fake from Russian propaganda: an article about the alleged persecution of Jews in the Zhytomyr region began to be published on foreign resources. Like, the local population arranges pogroms. This is an outright lie, due to which the enemy is trying to sow ethnic hatred inside our country. The chief rabbi of Zhytomyr Shlomo Wilhelm has already refuted the Russian lie.

Britain warns of another Russian lie: Russia may be preparing a propaganda basis for the use of chemical weapons. It is alleged that "Ukrainian nationalists" brought 80 tons of ammonia to Zolochiv near Kharkiv. Britain believes that by launching these fakes, Russia is preparing to use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

What can we hear from the Russian Minions?

Russia can involve about 800 people from the territory of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Moldavian Republic to the war in Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reports.

The EU also approved a ban on transactions with the Central Bank of Belarus and financing of trade and investment in the country. The EU also agreed to disconnect three Belarusian banks from SWIFT: Bilagroprombank, Dabrabut Bank, and the Development Bank of Belarus.

The Belarusian ruble has fallen by 50% since the beginning of the war, the Belarusian economy has entered a crisis.

Good news from Belarus: Servicemen of the Belarusian Armed Forces do not want to take part in the war against Ukraine on the side of Russia, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports citing its own sources and the results of an internal anonymous poll conducted on March 8, 2022, in hostilities on the side of the RF Armed Forces.

Kyiv and region

The enemy tried to enter Irpin at night. The attack was repulsed. A rocket attack was carried out on Boryspil in the evening. One missile was destroyed, one hit the technical premises of the airport. There are wounded. There were several air raids during the night because of the threat of airstrikes. The region is preparing for evacuation from hotspots.

Points where you can get humanitarian aid in the Kyiv region:


Refugees were taken out of Irpin. To Kyiv, to Obolon. If there are friends in Obolon, and friends have warm things, children, adults, volunteers are asking to bring them. People ran in what they put on. Tel: +380 67 408 6168, Sasha

During the evacuation of civilians from Demidov, the enemy opened fire. One policeman died on the spot. Another police officer and a civilian were seriously injured and taken to hospital. 100 civilians, 30 of them children, were removed from the occupation.

16:00 – Russian occupiers disrupt the evacuation in Bucha. According to the Bucha City Council, the invaders did not allow 50 buses to pass.

The situation is the same in Stoianka, Kyiv region – the occupiers do not allow 50 buses to pass. Negotiations are currently underway to unblock traffic.

17:00 – Evacuation canceled in Bucha and Hostomel! Today it is impossible to evacuate residents. It was not possible to reach an agreement with the occupiers: 50 buses remain blocked.

The evacuation from Vorzel continues: the second rescue circle has been made by drivers and the residents are being transported to Kyiv.

Fortunately, all children were evacuated from the orphanage in Vorzel without complications. They will be placed in a children's hospital in Kyiv. They also managed to evacuate the maternity hospital.

In Osokorki, Kyiv, an occupant's plane crashed into a private house. The pilot ejected but died.


The regional center holds the defense, there were no active offensives, at night there was a single attack on the outskirts of the city from the air. Another saboteur was caught.

Fighting continues in Izium, in Chuhuiev, and Derhachi; shells hit residential buildings.


Soldiers of the State Border Guard Service destroyed enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group at night in the village of Andriivka, Balakliia district, Kharkiv region.

Another shelling of the invaders destroyed the building of the main department of the National Police of the Kharkiv region in Kharkiv. Serhii Bolvinov, the chief of the investigative department of National Police in the Kharkiv region, informs about it. As a result, 4 people died and 15 were injured.

Derhachi is ours! The Kharkiv mayor said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had liberated Derhachi in the Kharkiv region from the Russian occupiers. "There have been active battles for a long time. The Russian occupier tried to surround the city. But our military repulsed the enemy and counterattacked. Among the losses of enemy equipment: 2 tanks and 2 armored vehicles." A great end to today. Our Forces didn't have any losses.

Zhytomyr region

At night, the Zhytomyr region again suffered from airstrikes: police are working on the scene. On the evening of March 8, another airstrike was carried out in Zhytomyr. As a result, there are dead and injured. There are also casualties and destruction in the Malyn community. Several private houses were destroyed. According to preliminary data, 9 people died as a result of airstrikes. Police are currently working at the scene.

During search and rescue operations in the dormitory building in Korbutivka in Zhytomyr, one person was found dead and two rescued people were injured. The SES of Ukraine informs about this in Telegram.

According to rescuers, a fire later broke out in the dormitory. Rescuers are currently continuing to extinguish individual fires on the second and third floors. Residents of the dormitory are being helped with the evacuation of property from the surviving premises.

The first foreign volunteers of a separate International Legion of Territorial Defense are already helping the Territorial Defense in Zhytomyr Region. The head of the regional military administration, Vitalii Bunechko, announced this on his Facebook page. These are mostly experienced fighters who have participated in many peacekeeping campaigns around the world.

20:00 – in Zhytomyr as a result of an airstrike, one house was destroyed, one injured person is previously known.

At the request of the military in Zhytomyr, the lights were turned off, Zhytomyr Mayor Serhii Sukhomlyn said on his Facebook page. This decision was dictated by the tactics of the Russian air force, which began to enter the city at extremely low altitudes and probably has visual contact with the ground.

21:00 – Another crime of the Russian army. A house was destroyed. The bomb hit the Zhytomyrteplokomunenerho boiler house, which actually provides heat to 30% of the city.

Zaporizhzhia region

The enemy is trying to resume the offensive, regrouping troops for a further offensive in the direction of Zaporizhzhia. The main efforts of the occupiers are focused on creating conditions for the capture, but the pace of advancement is reduced, the personnel of the occupier is demoralized.

Humanitarian corridors! Today, March 9, under the auspices of the Red Cross, a humanitarian corridor is being organized to  Zaporizhzhia from Enerhodar, and a green one is being organized to evacuate the population to the city of Zaporizhzhia.

From 9:00 a ceasefire was announced.

Approximately from 12:00 to 13:00, insulin, some medicines, and dry products will be delivered to Enerhodar for further organization of free social canteens in schools and support for the most vulnerable groups.

On the way back, buses will pick up civilians who want to leave Enerhodar!

It was also agreed to form a convoy of personal transport, which is allowed to follow the buses. All buses and personal vehicles must be marked in the upper right corner of the windshield with a red cross!

It is reported that in Russian-occupied Berdiansk; it is announced on the radio that in two days residents will be able to obtain Russian passports. In addition, the occupiers promise to write off all debts for utilities to the residents of Berdiansk. In addition, the Russian national anthem is played on the radio, and information from propagandists is provided. How unicellular should one be to think that after Russian non-humans did everything, someone can buy it!

The head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration, Oleksandr Starukh, says that local journalists are being forced to broadcast Russian propaganda at gunpoint.


Russian President Putin was "enraged" to learn that the Russians fired at Vinnytsia Airport with the most valuable missiles, of which there are no more than a thousand in Russia, Bellingcat reports. Vinnytsia residents, hold tight!


A hotline has been set up in Dnipro for temporarily displaced persons, the press service of the City Council reports. These numbers provide information on housing, food, medical care, the work of the railway station, etc.: 0 891 203 304 (round the clock), (066) 3282503

Chernihiv region 

During the night and morning, constant air alarms were in Chernihiv, Nizhyn, Oster, Desna. Defensive battles on the outskirts of Chernihiv. During the night, the Russian army fired on the outskirts of Chernihiv. According to preliminary information, fires broke out in 10 residential buildings.

Because of the fighting, 102 settlements in three districts of the region remain without electricity supply: Chernihiv, Nizhyn, and Pryluky districts. This was reported by Chernihivoblenergo. Restoration works are carried out if possible.

In the Chernihiv region in the city of Hrodna, locals are protesting against the Russian occupiers.

Poltava region

The night was calm; in the morning, there was the air alarm in Lubny.

Two stages of evacuation from Sumy were completed successfully! 5,000 people and 1,000 private cars are safe.

The second column arrived in Poltava at night. Most of the evacuees are our women and children, as well as foreigners from India, China, and Turkey. From Poltava, people went by train to the west. Those who wanted to stay were given shelter.

Poltava mass media report that special services detained the deputy of the Poltava regional council from OPZZh, the assistant to the people's deputy Illia Kiva Oleh Pankratiev. Kyva's aide was detained between Khmelnytskyi and Lviv on suspicion of undermining state power.

Sumy and region

The movement of the humanitarian corridor from Sumy has been continued! Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the Head of the Sumy Regional State Administration reports.

  • It will continue to operate today, March 9, from 9:00 to 21:00.
  • You can go by your own transport. In addition, at 14:00 there will be 22 buses that will load pregnant women, women with children, the elderly, and people with disabilities!

Хроніка подій: чотирнадцятий день оборони України від російської агресії

In general, the night was quiet in the region, except for the Okhtyrka district and the city of Okhtyrka. They were bombed again by Russian aircraft, currently, there is no connection.

As a result of an airstrike by Russian troops on the night of March 8, a house and an agricultural company were destroyed in the village of Bytytsia, Sumy district. One person died and one was injured. Another bomb hit the recreation center, Sunny Meadow. Four people were injured, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, head of Sumy Regional Military Administration reports.

On March 9, at about 1:40 a.m., Russian military aircraft struck Lebedyn. Two residential buildings on Shevchenko Street were destroyed. 5 people were rescued from the rubble, including 2 children. Also, around 3:00, there were two airstrikes on Okhtyrka. There is no connection with the city at the moment, the Head Of Sumy Regional Administration.

Near Sumy, the defense defended the equipment of the Russians.

But hostile technology is coming. Hundreds of units of the occupier's military equipment reached the town of Trostianets in the Sumy region. Tanks stand in the middle of the city, chaotically firing on the residential sector. We are sure that the response of the Supreme Court will not be delayed.

20:30 – soldiers of the Territorial Defense did not fail; they smashed in the Sumy region about two dozen units of equipment of the Russian occupiers. They tried to enter one of the settlements. The next trophies replenished the arsenal of the Armed Forces: 3 armored personnel carriers, several Gvozdika ACS, a pair of trucks, and a mortar.

Luhansk and Donetsk regions

Shelling of Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, and Kreminna fires in the residential sector because of shelling. No gas, partly no water, and light. There is almost no Internet and communication. The population is switching to national roaming. In the afternoon of March 8, there was heavy shelling of Severodonetsk. According to the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, at least 10 people were killed in the shelling in a day.

Heavy fighting is taking place behind Volnovakha, but the city is under the control of the Armed Forces. The situation in the rest of the region can be considered relatively normal. Only in Novoluhansk, there's shelling; gas pipelines and houses were damaged. The victims have not been reported yet, there is no possibility to inspect.

At night, the occupiers fired on a humanitarian cargo traveling from Zaporizhzhia to Mariupol. No one was injured, the cargo was not damaged.

The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol wrote on Facebook: "No hint of a green corridor. No hint of the ceasefire. Another Moscow trap. Today we overplayed them a bit with the route, but it was not enough. An interesting detail: air raids and the targeted bombing of the Red Cross office. This is not a coincidence. The humanitarian convoy's place of arrival was deliberately kept secret. Therefore, the occupiers logically decided that it would go to the Red Cross depots. The level of inhumanity is simply outrageous. Currently, there is nothing in the city: water, electricity, gas, food, medicine.

17:00 – In Mariupol, the occupiers bombed a children's hospital. "The destruction is enormous. The building of the medical institution where the children were treated until recently has been completely destroyed," the Mariupol City Council said.

The aggressor is disconnecting t entire settlements in the Luhansk region. The head of the region informed that currently, 26 settlements are without electricity, 15 partially. Our power engineers are doing everything possible to bring light back into people's homes.

And in occupied Donetsk, they are sending demands to shoot videos with thanks to Putler.

Terrible figures: More than 1,100 civilians have died in Mariupol since the start of the full-scale war against Russia. One of the most destructive airstrikes of Russians today fell on the maternity hospital of Mariupol. This is unforgivable. Burn in hell, you scoundrels!

"Before the attack on the maternity hospital in Mariupol, it was nothing. Now, animals, a completely different war will begin," Oleksii Aristovych said for all Ukrainians.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also responded to the shelling of a maternity hospital in Mariupol: "We will bring Putin to justice for his horrific crimes."

21:00 – In Mariupol, 17 people were injured during the shelling of a maternity hospital

And this is the city of Druzhkivka, the Donetsk region. Police are documenting the consequences of the railway shelling. An enemy shell hit near the city's train station.

Kherson region

In the Kherson region, it is revealed that the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, disguised in civilian clothes, go forward in the direction of the city of Mykolaiv, General Staff reports.

In the Tavria and Southern directions, the enemy forces up to 17 battalions tactical groups hold the settlements of Kherson, Enerhodar, Vasylivka. The enemy is regrouping forces to attack in the direction of Zaporizhzhia. 3 battalion tactical groups took control of the village of Polohy.

In Kherson, the Russian military is dismantling railway tracks at a railway crossing. Eyewitnesses say that there are currently 20 people with machine guns.

12:00 – Now in people again went to a peaceful rally. The mayor of Skadovsk tells people what happened in the morning: the occupiers came into the city and took out all the computers from the city council.

The General Staff reports: In Kherson, due to fierce opposition from the local population, the occupiers introduced the Russian National Guard, which wrongfully detained more than 400 people.

Kherson reports that the occupiers have seized a pre-trial detention center in Kherson, where they are arranging premises for the needs of Russian Guard units that arrived in the city the day before. Judging by this, the Russian fascists are preparing for the mass arrests of our citizens. Staff and detainees were previously evacuated.

In Chornobaivka, a suburb of Kherson, planes landed again at the same airfield, where yesterday our artillerymen blew up about 50 of their helicopters. The new party of Russian fascist helicopters was destroyed again by Mykolaiv.


17:00 – Attention! In the Mykolaiv region, the area between Nova Odesa and Mykolaiv, around the turn to Kandybino, from both parties of the route, occupiers shoot civilian transport with machine guns. Garbage.


Odesa is preparing to defend against Russian fascists and at the same time trying to protect its cultural monuments. One of the symbols of the city, the monument to the Duke de Richelieu is already lined with sandbags.

The bad news is that Russia is forcibly leading the Sapphire rescue ship seized in the Odesa region to Sevastopol. The captain of Sapphire said that there are "green men" on board, who keep the crew "under the muzzle." A Russian captain arrived on board and assumed command.

But Ukraine will still win! Believe in and help our soldiers in every way!


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