17:00 22 May 2024

American and British military intelligence confirms China preparing to supply lethal weapons to Russia – UK defense minister

The British Defense Minister, Grant Shapps, stated on Wednesday that China has either already provided or is preparing to provide lethal aid to Russia, which will be used in the war against Ukraine.

Reuters reports this.

At a conference in London, Shapps said that American and British military intelligence has evidence that "lethal aid is now (already coming – ed.) or will come from China to Russia and Ukraine, and I think this is a significant development. "

Shepps provided no additional data to support his claim.

"We should be concerned about this because, in the early days of this war, China would like to present itself as a country that has a deterrent effect on Russian President Vladimir Putin," he added.

Last month, China's embassy in the US said it had not provided weapons to Russia, adding that China "is not a manufacturer or a party involved in the Ukraine crisis."

For reference:

It is worth noting that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg previously stated that China is the main country that provides Russia with the ability to wage war against Ukraine by supplying the Russian Federation with electronics and technologies for the production of missiles, drones, and other weapons.

A similar opinion was expressed by acting of the deputy head of the US mission to the OSCE, Tracy Newell, saying that China cannot claim the role of a neutral party in Russia's war against Ukraine since it is the largest supplier of Russian military equipment.

As Rubryka reported, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin made a state visit to China on May 1617 at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The White House, against the background of the Russian dictator's visit to China, accused Beijing of helping Kremlin leader Volodymyr Putin in his war against Ukraine.

Great Britain is concerned over Moscow's strong ties with Beijing, which it sees as a direct threat to democratic values.


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