1 oct, 16:59

British PM refutes plan to send troops for training in Ukraine

29 sep, 20:50

Britain responds to "elections" under Russian occupation in Ukraine with new sanctions

24 sep, 16:22

United to win: British farmers donate 34 SUVs to Ukraine's armed forces

24 sep, 15:47

United to win: Great Britain plans to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the end of 2023

12 sep, 09:46

United to win: UK helps Ukraine ensure sea safety amid Russian attacks with new equipment

4 sep, 15:43

Council of Europe to issue new stamp with mural symbolizing support for Ukrainians

4 sep, 14:55

British actor and writer Stephen Fry arrives in Kyiv to host Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen

31 aug, 11:39

University of Manchester appoints Olha Onukh as first-ever Ukrainian politics professor in UK and English-speaking world

17 aug, 20:28

United to win: Britain signs three contracts worth $114 mln to supply Ukraine with air defense systems

15 aug, 13:29

Solutions to win: Ukrainians raise over $30,000 in London to support country's defense

13 aug, 15:29

United to win: Ukrainian marines return after six months of amphibious training in Britain

29 jul, 16:53

Liverpool to host KyivPride's Equality March

28 jul, 10:40

Over 20 African leaders declined to visit summit in Russia over grain export blocade – UK intelligence

16 jul, 20:51

United to win: Ukraine's armed forces receive 14 off-road vehicles and mobile dental office from British farmers

21 jun, 12:24

UK will send $3 bln to Ukraine to support country's recovery

19 jun, 18:54

Britain to keep sanctions on Russia until compensation paid to Ukraine – foreign minister

18 jun, 14:17

Solutions to win: UK boosts Ukraine's cyber defense with $20,5 mln support package

17 jun, 17:57

United to win: British farmers send 23 SUVs to Ukraine's armed forces

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