Video 08:54 17 Apr 2024

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Crimea, fire engulfs military airfield in Dzhankoi at night

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Several explosions were reported in the northern part of temporarily occupied Crimea, in the city of Dzhankoi. Later, a fire broke out at the military airfield.

Local media and Telegram channels, including SHOT and Astra, report this.

Residents reported hearing multiple loud explosions around 4:00 a.m., followed by a fire erupting near the military airfield.

In addition, according to "Crimean Wind," there has been an attack at the airfield. The Telegram channel reports that the explosions started before the military unit's alarm sounded.

The "Crimean Wind" monitoring group released satellite footage at 3:41, which allegedly captured six ignition points on and around the military airfield in Dzhankoi.

They note that not only attack helicopters were based there, but also S-300/S-400 launchers.

Джанкой, аеродром

Photo: Screenshot from the video

It is worth noting that the Dzhankoi airfield houses the following:

  • 39th Helicopter Regiment of the 27th Mixed Aviation Division under the 4th Command of the Russian Air Force and Air Defense Forces in the Southern Military District;
  • Three aviation squadrons.

Officially, Russia has not yet made any statements regarding the fire. The Ukrainian authorities and military have also remained silent on the matter thus far.

For reference:

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the occupiers have turned Dzhankoi in Crimea into a logistics center and a military base.

Thus, the partisans documented the movement of Russian heavy machinery from Azov to Dzhankoi as the invaders transferred it toward Kherson.

Also, in April, partisans found a warehouse of the Russian army in occupied Dzhankoi. The invaders placed it next to civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Russian army has established a formidable air defense base in Dzhankoi. According to reports from the resistance forces, there are also openly displayed anti-aircraft missile systems stationed at the Dzhankoi airfield.


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