13:51 17 Apr 2024

Solutions to win: Ukrainian innovators unveil revolutionary submarine with torpedo-firing capabilities

Photo: Highland Systems

Ukrainian engineers are currently working in the United Arab Emirates on developing the Kronos submarine, which can launch torpedo missiles.

Kyivpost reports this.

What is the solution?

"While the House of Representatives of the US Congress continues to block the allocation of aid to Ukraine, approved by the Senate back in February, Ukrainian engineers are developing a submarine capable of launching torpedo missiles," the publication notes.

How does it work?

The submarine has recently been tested for military use. Kronos can move silently underwater and can carry passengers and explosives.

Українські інженери розробляють човен підводний

On the water surface, the submarine can reach speeds up to 80 km/h, and while submerged, it can travel up to 50 km/h at almost imperceptible noise levels.

Technical characteristics of Kronos submarine:

  • width – 7.4 m;
  • length – 9 m;
  • height – 2 m;
  • load capacity – up to 3000 kg on water;
  • equipped weight – 10,000 kg;
  • capacity – 11 places.

човен підводний

Photo: Highland Systems

"Our team of expert designers, researchers, and developers have created a versatile hybrid vessel capable of comfortably hosting ten passengers. This vessel is ideal for various purposes, including commercial use, rescue operations, and combat missions.

Its cutting-edge hull design not only greatly reduces fuel consumption, but also enhances top speed and offers exceptional stability," the Kronos developers said.

For reference:

It should be noted that the Ukrainian technology company SkyLab UA has developed a strategic attack drone, the Shoolika mk6, capable of delivering precise strikes, especially in night missions.

The drone's range is up to 10 km, and it can carry a load of up to 6 kg. The Shoolika mk6 has a high-precision control system and is resistant to the effects of electronic warfare.

Furthermore, Ukraine is effectively creating a national analog of the Russian assault drone "Lancet," which will have the capability to strike targets up to a range of 40 kilometers.

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