13:49 15 Apr 2024

Solutions to win: Lviv developers release innovative mobile app for tactical medicine training

The first Ukrainian mobile game simulator designed to train skills in tactical medicine and first aid LifesaverSIM is available for free download. To access it, a person must verify citizenship through the Diia app.

The Lviv City Council reported this.

What is the problem?

In a combat situation, any injury could prove fatal for a soldier. To avoid this, soldiers are trained in tactical medicine to manage bleeding and aid the wounded quickly. These skills could also be beneficial for civilians living in areas affected by bombings.

What is the solution?

Therefore, Lviv developers launched the LifesaverSIM mobile application to train skills in tactical medicine.

How does it work?

It is noted that LifesaverSIM is the first mobile game simulator for training life-saving skills and helping the wounded in combat conditions.

The application, created by a team of Lviv developers for the Defense Forces and everyone who lives and works in conditions of war and wants to learn how to provide assistance and save lives, can be downloaded free of charge.

Regardless of their geographical location, all Ukrainians can access LifesaverSIM by confirming their citizenship through the Diia application.

"We should all be ready for situations when our correct and quick actions can save someone's life. It is necessary to gain practical knowledge with an instructor to physically feel all the manipulations with your hands. In the simulator, train your skills to automaticity and train a clear sequence of actions when saving lives. In critical situations like stress, we only have automatic skills and nothing else. The simulator also makes it possible not to forget knowledge because you always have a virtual lifeguard in your pocket," the developers say.

The first training course for all ASM troops was created in cooperation with experienced instructors and combat medics.

This program adheres to the protocols set by the TCCC Committee and the NATO standard, covering all crucial elements of battlefield aid:

  • including two assistance phases under fire (CUF) and in tactical conditions (TFC);
  • managing severe bleeding and unseen injuries, applying tourniquets, tamponading wounds, and using compression bandages;
  • restoring airway function;
  • identifying and removing obstructions;
  • assessing chest injuries and breathing;
  • applying occlusion tape and performing burping;
  • recognizing signs of shock and controlling non-critical bleeding;
  • and preventing hypothermia and preparing for evacuation.

The team developing the LifesaverSIM application has over a decade of experience creating games across different genres and platforms. This includes multiplayer games for PC and consoles, mobile projects, simulators, and even medical applications. The team consists of both past and current military members, providing valuable insight into the needs of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and allowing them to create cutting-edge solutions.

LifesaverSIM is a member of the Defense Tech development support cluster in Ukraine Brave1 and, as a result of the defense examination, acquired the status of BRV1.

For reference:

It should be noted that Ukraine's armed forces and the Ministry of Strategic Industries are launching the "Iron Polygon" project to support Ukrainian manufacturers and shorten the production time of new weapons for the Ukrainian army.

The report also stated that a mobile application was developed in Ukraine, allowing a woman in a violent situation to contact the police without calling.

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