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Israeli UN ambassador urges world to heed Zelensky's warning on Iran and Russia's global threat

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During a special session of the UN Security Council addressing the Iranian mass attack, Israeli representative Gilad Erdan implored the council to heed the warnings of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the threat of the actions of Tehran and Moscow to the world.

Rubryka reports this with reference to the UN meeting broadcast.

The diplomat, discussing Iran's recent attack on Israel, likened the country's actions to those of the "Third Reich" in the first half of the previous century, precisely the regime of Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler.

From his perspective, everything the current government of Iran gets involved with poses a threat, even for Muslims.

In this context, Erdan recalled the suppression of protests in Tehran a few years ago (the anti-government protests of 2022) and noted that during last night's attack on Israel with the use of kamikaze drones and rockets of various types, a Bedouin girl was injured.

Also, the representative of Israel at the UN warned that Iran is actively continuing the development of nuclear weapons, as well as preparing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Therefore, using such weapons is a potential threat to the whole world.

Furthermore, Erdan mentioned during a special session of the UN Security Council that a considerable amount of Ukrainian civilians had lost their lives in frequent aerial attacks by Russia, which were carried out using Iranian Shahed-type assault drones that had been supplied to Moscow.

"President Zelensky, when he condemned Iran's attack yesterday [against Israel – ed.], said that the sound of Iranian Shahed drones, an instrument of terror, is the same in the skies over the Middle East and Europe, and this sound should be a wake-up call to the free world. Listen to President Zelensky and wake up!" the Israeli diplomat urged.

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On Sunday, April 14, the Ukrainian president emphasized that the country condemns Iran's attack against Israel with the use of Shahed drones and missiles.

"We in Ukraine know very well the horror of similar attacks by Russia, which uses the same "Shahed" drones and Russian missiles, the same tactics of mass air strikes," the head of state wrote on Twitter.

He believes every effort should be made to prevent further escalation in the Middle East.

"Iran's actions threaten the entire region and the world, just as Russia's actions threaten a larger conflict, and the obvious collaboration between the two regimes in spreading terror must face a resolute and united response from the world. The sound of "Shahed" drones, a tool of terror, is the same in the skies over the Middle East and Europe. This sound must serve as a wake-up call to the free world, demonstrating that only our unity and resoluteness can save lives and prevent the spread of terror worldwide," Zelensky emphasized.

The president also emphasized that the world cannot wait while discussions continue because words do not stop drones and shoot down missiles, and "only tangible help can do that."

During the evening of April 14, Iran launched over 300 missiles and drones towards Israel. The IDF asserts that they successfully intercepted 99% of the targets, but some still managed to bypass Israeli defenses and strike an air base in the southern part of the country. As a result, at least 31 people required medical assistance.

In Iran, these strikes were called a response to "numerous crimes by Israel," in particular, the attack against the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, which occurred on April 1.

Israel later said it had intercepted 99% of about 300 missiles and drones fired by Iran during the night of April 14. At least 31 people sought medical help.

According to Western media, Israel will respond to Iran, but the scale of the response will be determined at a meeting of the military cabinet.

The United States condemned Iran's attack, calling its commitment to Israel's security "ironclad." However, the US will not participate in any offensive operations against Iran.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson said the lower house of Congress would "try again" to provide military aid to Israel in response to an attack by Iran.

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