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US House of Representatives expected to vote on Ukraine aid this week

The US House of Representatives will consider the question of financial aid to Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation this week. The issue is expected to receive overwhelming support from members of Congress. Also, this week, the question of funding Israel's aid will be discussed.

This was stated by Mike Turner, the chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives, Republican congressman, Rubryka reports with reference to NBC News.

"Russia is starting to gain ground. Ukraine is starting to lose its ability to defend itself. The US needs to step up and give Ukraine the weapons it needs. And I think we'll see overwhelming support on this issue in the House of Representatives this week," the congressman said in an interview with NBC News.

At the same time, commenting on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's position on aid to Ukraine, Turner noted that everyone in the US is "very close to understanding" that the situation is at a critical point.

However, Turner did not specify which version of the bill the House of Representatives would consider, the one approved by the Senate or perhaps some other Republican initiative.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson confirmed plans to consider this week the issue of funding for Israel's aid. It was decided to consider this issue after Iran's attack on Israel.

"House Republicans and the GOP understand the need to support Israel. We will try again this week, and the details of that package are coming together now. We're looking at options and all these additional issues," Speaker Johnson said.

As you know, a joint bill on financing aid to Israel, Ukraine, and other US partners is pending consideration in the US House of Representatives. However, Speaker Johnson has long refused to put it to a vote.

At the moment, it is also not clear which document on Israel the House of Representatives plans to consider.

What is known about the consideration of the draft law on providing assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

We will remind that the US has been unable to approve new aid funding to Ukraine for several months. Because of this, the supply of weapons to Ukrainian defenders from the US has been suspended.

As you know, the speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America, Republican Mike Johnson, criticized the bill of the US Senate on assistance to Ukraine and Israel for the lack of measures that could stop the record flow of migrants across the US-Mexico border.

In turn, on March 7, Biden delivered an address to Congress, during which he mentioned Russia's war against Ukraine and once again called for additional funding for Kyiv.

It is worth noting that a vote on military aid to Ukraine in the United States House of Representatives could take place at least in mid-April or later as Speaker Mike Johnson looks for ways to soften the position of hardline Republicans.

Subsequently, Johnson said that after the return of the US Congress from the Easter recess on April 9, he plans to introduce a bill to help Ukraine. However, its content and who can support it remain unknown.

However, the House of Representatives has not yet considered the document supported by the Senate. House Speaker Mike Johnson refused to bring the bill to a vote, particularly because of Donald Trump's significant influence on the Republican Party.

The other day, after meeting with Johnson, Trump said he is not against American aid to Ukraine. But, according to him, it should not be a "gift". In this way, Trump supported the idea of helping Ukraine with a loan, which was advocated by the Republican Party.

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