5 nov, 13:36

People's Deputies appeal to the UN on Ukraine's plan to combat climate change

25 oct, 10:31

Ukrainian became the first woman to conduct a concert dedicated to the UN anniversary

10 oct, 20:12

Free organic composting training launched in Ukraine

25 sep, 18:39

Kuleba explains why Ukraine's rhetoric at UN has become harsher

24 sep, 17:05

Zelenskyy: Ukraine has significant potential to increase its role in food supply

23 sep, 09:48

Zelenskyy: Ukraine has right to say: we want to 'revive' UN

23 sep, 09:09

President of Estonia: Ukraine has our strong and unwavering support

22 sep, 09:49

We will implement the idea of dual citizenship - Zelenskyy to US diaspora

21 sep, 09:10

"We're looking for solutions for Donbas and Crimea at all platforms": Zelenskyy arrived in the United States to participate in UN General Assembly

20 sep, 11:17

During his participation in UN General Assembly, Zelenskyy will meet with UN and NATO Secretaries-General

8 sep, 14:42

Zelenskyy plans to visit New York – press secretary

2 sep, 13:55

UN Secretary-General's report on Crimea defines Russia as an occupier country - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

12 jun, 14:27

Solving environmental problems is as urgent as overcoming pandemic – UN

16 feb, 12:37

Rada calls on the world to increase sanctions pressure on Russia over Crimea occupation

7 dec, 23:10

UN General Assembly adopts Ukraine's draft resolution on militarization of Crimea

3 dec, 11:40

Russia's representative to UN publicly calls war in Donbas as conflict between Russia and Ukraine

2 dec, 12:14

Kuleba explained Ukraine prevented Russia's attempt to legitimize ORDLO representatives through UN platform

26 nov, 14:25

Carpathian region is in real danger - UN lists the reasons

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