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Mykolaiv volunteers can take up a free tactical medicine course

Mykolaiv volunteers can attend a free tactical medicine course.

The program is meant to provide comprehensive, psychological, practical, methodological support to public activists and volunteers who provide assistance to those who need it.

One will have the opportunity to receive practical communication, physiotherapeutic tools of psychosocial support and self-support.

What's the problem?

The Ukrainians live through times of war in a front-line city. No one knows how the situation escalates, so they have to constantly train. The course's knowledge will help in daily life, as most people may see a person losing consciousness and not know how to assist.

"We teach people to help themselves and others. It may be a pregnant woman, an old person, and even a child. We provide a base that every responsible citizen should know," Tetiana Kolesnichenko, a volunteer of the rapid response unit of the Mykolaiv regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, says.

What's the solution?

Public activists and volunteers of Mykolaiv can take up free courses of the Program on Restorative Practices within the framework of the UN Development Program project with the financial support of the Government of Denmark until the middle of April 2023.

У Києві організували безкоштовне навчання з надання дом

The program includes trainings on first aid, the rules of behavior during emergency situations, collective therapy sessions on pottery, sessions of group and individual work with a psychologist, as well as lectures on project management and media literacy.

How does it work?

The course on pre-medical care contains 60% of practical knowledge and skills. In particular, this is the practice of applying tourniquets and bandages.

У Києві організували безкоштовне навчання з надання дом

"These are hemostatic agents that save a person during his critical bleeding, when in 2-3 minutes he can lose a lot of blood and die.

This is knowledge for people who are in the city, under fire, or can be injured by shrapnel, or find themselves under rubble. They receive the most important skills in tactical medicine," Tetiana adds.

У Києві організували безкоштовне навчання з надання дом

The course is meant for:

  • social activists,
  • representatives of the charitable foundation,
  • representatives of volunteer and humanitarian organizations in Mykolaiv.

Classes are held offline. Hosts inform the registered participants about the venue of the event.

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