11:34 24 Feb 2024

Russian troops are looking for "weak spots" to attack Avdiivka direction – Third Assault Brigade spokesman

Photo: Telegram / 3rd Separate Storm Brigade

Russian forces are currently looking for "weaknesses" in the defense of the Ukrainian troops fighting near Avdiivka, says spokesman of the 3rd Assault Brigate Oleksandr Borodin.

Enemy forces are currently trying to find weaknesses by assaulting positions in different places. Yet, they haven't reached any success, Borodin explains.

The spokesman also noted that Russian forces are trying to "enter positions" in small groups.

"Those who survive are taken prisoner." 

The current enemy attacks cannot be compared "to what happened in the city," as Russian troops supply new forces through "a conveyor belt."

"Practice has shown that this conveyor (the speed of supplying new forces – ed.) works quite well, meaning that if they continue like this, they will continue to have resources."

Ukrainian troops are "more accustomed to working" in the established defense line, i.e., in the positions where the units withdrew from Avdiivka.

The Third Assault Brigade had destroyed 35 Russian troops and captured nine more during the night of attacks near Avdiivka.

According to the brigade's press service, most of the surviving occupants were eliminated in close combat.

Ukrainian Air Force units destroyed another A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft near Mariupol.

Over the past day, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated another 770 Russian troops, bringing the total losses since the beginning of the full-scale war to more than 406,000 soldiers.


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