Donetsk Oblast

25 mar, 11:48

russian forces strike east Ukraine city of Kramatorsk, damaging infrastructure

22 mar, 19:40

russians still attempt to capture Bakhmut – Ukraine's General Staff

22 mar, 15:31

"Road of death": evacuation of civilians continues in Ukraine's Donetsk region

21 mar, 11:13

russian attacks kill two civilians, wound three in Avdiivka, Bakhmut, and Kostiantynivka

20 mar, 16:32

Ukrainian drones neutralize russian grouping near Bakhmut

19 mar, 18:14

Ukraine evacuates all children from Chasiv Yar, near Bakhmut

19 mar, 11:09

russia needs to capture Avdiivka to be able to launch offensive on Vuhledar – Ukraine's defense forces

19 mar, 08:25

russian army hits Kramatorsk with cluster munitions: victims reported

17 mar, 11:18

russia strikes high-rise building with Kh-59 cruise missile in Avdiivka

14 mar, 11:10

russian missile attack kills one, injures three in Kramatorsk

13 mar, 15:30

russia strikes school in Avdiivka, killing a local resident

13 mar, 09:30

Wagner assault groups trying to advance to Bakhmut's central areas – AFU

12 mar, 15:06

russians kill 2, destroy civil infrastructure during shelling Donetsk region

11 mar, 09:42

russian forces kill 5 and injure 19 civilians in Kherson and Donetsk regions

4 mar, 09:56

Ukrainians blow up two bridges near Bakhmut to cut off retreat routes for russian troops – ISW

26 feb, 09:23

British intelligence analyzes russian losses in Vuhledar sector of Donetsk region

21 feb, 12:59

Last salt from occupied Soledar to be sold to fundraise for military

17 feb, 09:50

russian strikes kill five and injure two civilians in eastern city of Bakhmut

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