Donetsk Oblast

10 apr, 12:12

Russian attack on Kostiantynivka claims three lives: rescue team finds woman and child dead under rubble

5 apr, 10:59

Russian army strikes Pokrovsk in Donetsk region: five injured, including a child

21 mar, 17:59

Dig in Minecraft. Rebuild in Real Life: UNITED24 have recreated the famous Soledar salt mines in Minecraft to rebuild a school destroyed by russians

21 mar, 17:13

Russian advance near Avdiivka slows down – UK intelligence

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19 mar, 14:29

Russian rockets strike residential houses in front-line Selydove

10 mar, 14:19

Russian drone attack on Dobropillia in Donetsk region kills two

10 mar, 10:38

Russian forces launch three missiles at Myrnohrad, injuring ten

7 mar, 16:58

Russia is incapable of launching all-out offensive on Chasiv Yar in Donetsk region – UK intelligence

6 mar, 13:57

Ukrainian resistance reports sightings of new Russian military equipment near Mariupol

3 mar, 13:48

Fighting near Avdiivka is getting under control despite Russian troops gaining successes – AFU spokesman

Photo, video
1 mar, 09:36

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian ammunition depot near occupied Mariupol

25 feb, 14:42

Ukraine's armed forces retreat to prepared western outskirts of Lastochkyne in Donetsk region

25 feb, 12:16

Russian forces attack eastern Kostyantynivka, targeting railway station, church and apartment buldings

24 feb, 11:34

Russian troops are looking for "weak spots" to attack Avdiivka direction – Third Assault Brigade spokesman

22 feb, 20:47

Russian forces attack Donetsk region, killing one and injuring four teenagers

22 feb, 16:15

Russian aircraft attack injures nine in eastern Donetsk region

21 feb, 18:59

Ukraine evacuates 37 more children from frontline Donetsk region

21 feb, 09:53

BBC: Ukrainian forces likely hit Russian training ground in occupied Donetsk region, killing at least 60 troops

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